For most people, hobbies are something we do to pass the time. From knitting to painting toy soldiers, we all have hobbies that are near and dear to our hearts. By and large, those hobbies don’t exactly break the bank.

For others, hobbies can be pretty darn expensive! Fine dining is a great way to experience new forms of cuisine from all over the world. It can also get pretty pricey!

One college student in San Francisco decided to indulge in a meal at Saison, the second most expensive restaurant in America. She spent $600 and shared images of her tremendous feast. You don’t have to be a passionate foodie to understand why fine dining is her passion, just look at these courses!

What does a cup of tea look like at a $600 dinner? Fresh Douglas fir, yarrow, chamomile, lemon balm, anise, and hyssop all picked from the restaurant’s garden and presented fresh.


For her next course, she enjoyed a serving of baby spinach, kelp, and caviar topped with clarified butter from the restaurant’s cow, Bella. 


Nope, that’s not a wet paper towel. That’s buttery squid sashimi served with assorted spices. What a stunning presentation.


The geoduck isn’t something you eat every day but it’s commonly found at five stars restaurants. It’s served here with a simple garnish.


The next course was sea urchin served on grilled bread. Sea urchin, or uni, is basically the butter of the sea. Mouthwatering!


Have you ever seen a radish and thought “stunning?” Probably not until you saw this dish, which uses every part of the radish in its presentation.


Beneath the radish? A jelly radish vinegar reduction. What a unique and tasty delicacy.


Enjoying a five-star dining experience doesn’t have to mean eating only foods you can’t recognize. The next course was a serving of pumpkin served three ways! The first serving was torn roasted pumpkin topped with octopus flakes.


The second pumpkin was roasted over an in-house fire and served with just a dollop of creme fraiche to temper the sweetness of the caramelized pumpkin.


Finally, pumpkin puree served on a bed of cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil! Doesn’t it look just like a piece of sushi in soy sauce?


Next up, a serving of antelope! It came with a fresh herb salad, stuffed radicchio, and sweet buttery biscuits. Sounds delish!


If you’ve never had antelope, apparently it has a taste not dissimilar from a more gamey meat like venison. It’s very different than any other red meat out there.


What’s next? Why it’s a broth made with antelope (of course) and fresh herbs. A light, refreshing way to wash everything down the hatch!


Don’t worry, Saison didn’t forget dessert. They offered smoked ice cream, just like a campfire topped with caramel sauce. 


They didn’t stop there, either! Accompanying the ice cream came an assortment of candied nuts and cocoa nibs.


What a great opportunity to combine your preferred flavors. The finished result looks absolutely scrumptious. 


But just in case you wanted a little bit of citrus in your life, Saison offered a little something extra. An orange, buttermilk creamsicle served whimsically inside an actual orange peel! 


Does it get any cooler than that? Yes, it does, because each bite contained a little hidden taste of candied orange. These things really should grow on trees!


Next up was a scoop of blueberry sorbet topped with brandy-macerated blueberries and another splash of brandy. What a sweet, boozy concoction!


This doesn’t look like your average Snickers bar and that’s because it isn’t. The Saison “Snickers” bar comes with gold leaf, and in order to enjoy it, you’ve got to befriend the right waiter and hope they serve you this off the menu offering.


The restaurant ends your visit by sending you packing with a bag of goodies! They include a copy of the menu you enjoyed and various high-end condiments.


While fine-dining might not be a hobby that everyone enjoys, there’s no denying that this type of experience is once in a lifetime, and well worth the price!

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