As our loved ones get older, it’s only natural for us to become more concerned with their health. Eventually, they may not be able to live on their own without special care, and it’s up to us to make sure they’re as safe and as comfortable as possible.

When this happens, many people choose to have elderly family members move in with them. Another option is to have them placed in a nursing home. Neither of these are ideal, however, as some people don’t have the means to provide for their loved ones—and many nursing homes can be expensive and too regimented.

Yet, there’s another option for those who want to take care of their relatives while allowing them to stay independent. They’re called Granny Pods, and they might just change a lot of things…

For elderly people and their families, it’s not easy to decide what to do when they can no longer live entirely on their own. Many consider retirement homes, while others allow Grandma or Grandpa to move into the guest room. While certainly convenient for the elderly person, this option can often become a burden for the rest of the family. What to do?


There’s actually another option that many families don’t think of. Rather than leave their lived ones in the care of a retirement home, they can try something called a MedCottage. These are better known as “Granny Pods.”


Granny Pods are relatively small, pre-made housing units that can easily be stationed in a backyard. They’re fully functional homes that can offer electricity, water, and a sewage system. That’s not all, though…


A single pod can cost as much as $125,000, so they’re not cheap. Nonetheless, if you’re wary about the idea of putting your older relatives in a nursing home or you don’t quite have the space for them in your own home, this may be the best option.


Each Granny Pod comes with safety features like first aid supplies, hand railings, defibrillators, and light-up floorboards to prevent tripping. They also come with plenty of visually appealing touches, from vinyl siding to chic French doors!


The kitchens are fully stocked with a microwave, a refrigerator, and even a pill dispenser. And, rather importantly, the bathrooms have plenty of handicap-accessible safety features, such as railings and special toilets.


You can thank reverend Ken Dupin for inventing the Granny Pods. Each of these tiny cottages is 12 by 24 feet, which is enough for a single person to have just about everything that they need to get through the day.


The great thing about these Granny Pods is that your loved ones can still have their own space, but they’re still close enough that you can be reassured that they’re okay. They can even have their vital signs monitored with small robotic devices!


There are three different kinds of Granny Pods available on MedCottage’s website, so be sure to take a look if you feel like it’s something you may need for your family. Whether you get one yourself or not, though, they’re truly amazing!

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