If you’ve ever had the urge to see how some of your favorite foods are made, you should probably fight that feeling. In an age where factory farming and additive-riddled food are the norm, watching the entire process can put a bad taste in your mouth — literally.

Ketchup seems like a food that wouldn’t have a grotesque manufacturing process considering it is mostly tomato-based. While that might be the prevailing notion, it’s not until you see ketchup’s behind-the-scenes preparation that you can really make the judgment call yourself.

Recently, footage from a Heinz ketchup factory in Cairo, Egypt leaked onto the internet, and when you see it for yourself, the thought of those red squeeze bottles will nauseate you…

 Candid footage, filmed from inside a Heinz ketchup factory in Cairo, Egypt, recently hit the internet. The video isn’t long, but it’s long enough to see that this factory could clearly benefit from stricter health codes. 

ketchup 1

At first glance, it seems like a normal day at a ketchup factory. But if you look closely at the tomatoes being used for production, many of them look discolored and rotten.

ketchup 2

The workers clearly don’t care at all, as they continue to dump case after case of them into the processor.

Sounds absolutely horrifying, right? The rest of the video is just as off-putting…

According to reports, Heinz’s head of production in Cairo lost his job after this video surfaced, and hopefully, now, they can hire someone who will adhere to stricter health guidelines.

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