Roses don’t just look nice—they also smell amazing. Most people don’t know this, but their petals are actually edible! The problem is, these lovely flowers can be quite expensive to buy, and growing ones that look as good as those at the florist’s shop is just too time-consuming.

…Or so you thought. Growing your own roses only seems complicated, but the truth is that you really don’t need to be an expert gardener to make it happen. All you’ll need is to know this simple trick!

With a simple bouquet from a grocery store and a few old potatoes—yes, potatoes—you can transform your backyard into the rose garden of your dreams!

To grow your own rose garden, you’ll first need to dig a six to 12-inch row in a partially shaded area. Line the base of it with sand to lock in moisture. This is important, as hydration is key for growing beautiful roses!


Next, gather up your rose stems from a garden or a bouquet from the grocery store. They don’t need to be too fancy; they’re simply going to act as the “seeds” in order to grow your new rose garden.


For the next step, you’ll need to prepare your roses by carefully plucking all of the leaves and the thorns from the lower third section of the stem. (Be careful around those thorns, though; they’re very prickly!) Now, this next step will seem pretty weird, but trust us—it works!


And now, for the ultimate trick! Grab a few potatoes and drill holes in them. After that, stick a rose stem in each one. You want the stems to be secure, so don’t make the holes too big or else they’ll fall out!


Why potatoes, you ask? Well, these starchy tubers serve as both a source of food and a water supply to the rose cuttings as they continue to grow. It’s kind of like having your own mini fertilization center for each rose! Once the stems are positioned securely into their respective potatoes, place each one in the prepared row about six inches apart from one another.


Next, you’ll want to cover the stems with a lot of fresh soil until only a couple of inches are visible above ground. Firmly press the earth down around it. You should end up with something like this…


And that’s all there is to it, really! In just a few weeks, you’ll have beautiful, healthy roses! All it takes is a few stems, dirt—and potatoes—and you’re essentially good to go. That all seems pretty easy, huh?


There are a number of people all over the corners of the internet who have tried this method for growing roses—to great effect! Here’s one example of roses in the middle of the growing process.


Here’s another one that’s somewhat simple. This person even used a mason jar full of soil in order to grow their blooms. It’s not as elegant, but if it gets the job done, than who are we to criticize?


The fact remains, however you choose to plant your roses, potatoes are a great option! Plenty of people seem to wholeheartedly agree, and that’s enough for us. Are you ready to grow your own, yet?


Having roses in your yard is beautiful, and it would certainly make it easier to find some roses for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions. The benefits are almost endless!


How’s that for a simple gardening hack? You won’t need to buy special supplies at the store or anything—the roses and potatoes will take care of everything. Who doesn’t love roses? They’re so pretty!

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