We’ve all got that one room in our house that never seems finished. You try moving furniture, buying new accessories, but nothing seems to work. It’s like the space itself is just impossible.

One couple had a room like this in their new home, and they couldn’t let it go. When they started hammering wooden boards together, it looked like the room might stay torn up forever, but the finished product was truly breathtaking.

This guest bedroom was fine, if a bit boring. 


But, its owners were sure they could improve the space. They got to work and built a wooden frame first…


Looking at the base, it still isn’t obvious yet what they planned to do, but it came together quickly after that.


Soon the platform started to take shape…


They outfitted the bottom of the platform with a drawer.


The finished product was starting to look like something, although to the naked eye, it wasn’t clear quite what it would be…


It was going to be a floating bookshelf. It’s crazy how such a relatively simple change can transform a room.


Now all that was left to do were the finishing touches, like painting the siding to give it a polished look.


The end result looks positively professional!


The floating bookshelf and modern furniture give the space a contemporary feel.


And that drawer below? It makes the perfect place to keep your guest bed. Just so cool.


A space-saving trick and a great way to upgrade an extra bedroom, all rolled into one DIY!

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