There’s nothing more refreshing in the morning than starting your day with a nice cup of warm tea. With a single tea bag, you can turn hot water into delicious herbal bliss and you’ll be ready to take on anything the day throws your way.

But once you’re done with your delicious beverage, those tiny tea bags serve no more purpose than landfill material… or so you thought!

It turns out that tea bags can be used in a number of incredible ways that will make you feel glad that you decided to brew some of that delicious Mint Medley in the first place. Take a look at what you’ve been missing!

1. Black tea contains tannic acid, which some researchers claim helps to soothe severe sunburns. When someone applies a black tea bag to their skin, it forms a coagulation of the missing burned protein and protects the surface while it heals.


2. You should store used black tea bags in containers and place them in the refrigerator for around three days. Then you’ll be able to use those tea bags to help soften those dark bags that form under your eyes whenever you’re stressed or you aren’t getting enough sleep!


3. Using the same tea bags can also work wonders for soothing small burns. Much like fixing the damaged skin someone suffers if they have a sunburn, the black tea bags work to form a protective skin coagulation over the affected area.


4. Believe it or not, using tea to rinse your hair is an effective way to promote healthy hair growth. Research shows that almost all types of tea have been proven to help prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, and to give hair an overall sleek shine.


5. Green tea bags can be used to shrink warts. This is because most warts are caused by the human papilloma virus. When a person consumes anywhere between two and three cups of green tea per day, the antioxidants in the tea work to reduce HPV, which gets rid of the warts.


6. Dry tea bags work wonders to absorb bad shoe odor. Once you’ve used your tea (for drinking), let the bag sit out overnight to dry. Then place them inside of your shoes; the dry tea leaves will work over time to absorb the stinky odor.


7. While it may seem strange, many plants—such as ferns and other common houseplants—prefer to be grown in acidic soil. To give your leafy friends a little help, tear open a tea bag and place it underneath the soil. This will lower the pH level in the dirt and give your plants the minerals and nutrition they need to survive.


8. Let your used tea bag soak with your dishes while you enjoy a fresh cuppa. After letting it sit in the sink for a while, the antioxidants in the tea work to make the grime and sludge on your plates far easier to remove when washing them by hand or in the dishwasher.


9. Once again, the tannic acid in tea works wonders to clean that grimy bathroom mirror you’ve been avoiding having to wipe down for months. Using cooled tea and a rag can spice it right up much in the same way that it removes the grime from dishes.


10. If you’ve been chopping onions or preparing any sort of other stinky food, like fish, tea bags can help remove the odors that are commonly transferred from these foods to your hands. Try washing your hands like you would with soap; you can even soak them for a few minutes in tea water. You’ll be happy that you did!


11. If you’ve recently gone to the dentist and had them poke and prod around your mouth, you know that it’s certainly no fun to deal with the pain. Tea bags can work similarly to gauze after oral surgery and help soothe pain at the same time.


12. There are so many different ways to eliminate pests in your house. An especially effective method is to place tea bags in rooms where you store food or any other places where pests generally like to congregate. The strong scent, especially peppermint, will make the area smell fresh while keeping those mice at bay.


13. By adding essential oils to dried-out bags of tea, you can create an all-natural air freshener to make your home smell wonderful! When these tea leaves are dried out, they work really well to absorb the scent. Best of all, when the scent fades away, you can just use more essential oil!


14. Everyone knows that tea leaves contain a high amount of amazing antioxidants. So why not use them to turn your bathroom into an impromptu spa? Simply drop tea bags into your warm bubble bath while you soak, and you’ll give new life to your skin with all those vitamins in the process.


15. Placing warm tea bags directly onto the parts of your skin that’s affected with sores, blisters, conjunctivitis, or any other kind of infection will work to stop the infection at its source. Not only that, but they’ll help heal the leftover wounds and scars!


Just when you thought tea was perfect already, it gets even better. Who’s ready for a cuppa?

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