In the span of a lifetime, human beings can amass a lot of stuff. People love to save trinkets or objects that help them fondly remember the good times, and items they hope to pass on to generations to come.

But people don’t just save special objects loaded with meaning. Sometimes people hold on to objects that could only be classified as junk in the hopes of finding some practical use for them somewhere along the line.

If the junk in your house is starting to take up too much space and you still don’t have any ideas for how to clear it out, the ideas below may be just the thing. These 22 ideas for transforming your household junk are just as cool as they are helpful.

1. Don’t throw away your old prescription bottles once they are empty! With a little bit of creative thinking you can transform them into a handy travel-sized container for your cotton swabs, like the floral-themed one pictured below. 


2. Feeling guilty about pitching your mint container in the trash? Using your favorite stickers, and a little bit of ingenuity you can turn them into the perfect easy-to-use container for storing your earbuds. Can you say “bye bye annoying tangles?”


3. Nowadays, almost everyone knows the value of recycling, but what about reusing objects? Most things we bring home can be used for more than one thing. Take, for example, this empty soda bottle repurposed as a sprinkler for the backyard!

4. Tic Tacs are a tasty mint that do a great job of making your breath feel clean and fresh. Once you’ve emptied out the container, clean it out and use some metallic pens to create handy storage for all your bobby pins and keep your hair looking equally fresh!DIY-4

5. Getting rid of that empty toilet paper roll? Stop what you’re doing! It doesn’t need to go right into the recycling. Using some colorful tape and a permanent marker you can reuse these empty rolls as storage canisters for all of your

6. You know those little tags that come with every loaf of bread you buy? They are more than something to hold the bag together; they can actually help you keep all the cords in your surge protector nice and organized. Never accidentally unplug your router again!diy-hack-6

7. In almost every household there’s at least one carton of eggs kicking around the fridge. The next time you empty yours, why not use it underneath your laptop to help your computer regulate its temperature and keep from overheating? The lap you save may be your own!DIY-hacks-7

8. Sticky notes like the one pictured below are really useful when it comes to making reminders for yourself. However, they’ve got another super-cool purpose: before you throw one out, run the sticky edge between the rows of your keyboard to clear out any dust or crumbs.DIY-hacks-8

9. Bread tags are making their second appearance on this list. Who knew they were so helpful? Use a bread tag like the one pictured below to help you always find the end on a roll of even the most stubborn tape. Give your fingernails a break! DIY-hacks-9

10. Does your kid have artistic aspirations? Whip them up a recyclable easel like the one pictured below. It’s really easy, all you need is an old plastic lid, and the tops of some water bottle bottles. You can even do it together, provided you supervise their use of the scissors.DIY-hacks-10

11. The plastic tubs that Tide Pods come in are a sleek modern design, but they are more than just attractive, they are super useful! Looking for a place to store your garbage bags? Look no further. Stuff them in the empty Tide container and you’ve got easily accessed trash bags that smell just divine.DIY-hacks-11

12. There are all sorts of options out there when it comes to buying a speaker for your smartphone. However, you don’t need to shell out a dime. Instead, dress up an empty roll of toilet paper, use pushpins to form a base, and presto, instant volume upgrade.DIY-hacks-12

13. Succulents are very popular with the gardening set these days. They’re a lot of fun to play with because you can store them almost anywhere. This beautiful array of repurposed corks is a perfect example of just how far your imagination can take you.DIY-hacks-12

14. Yep, that’s right, even something designed to be thrown away (like the paper plate pictured below) can have a second life. The directions below show you how to turn a simple paper plate into a great gift box for some tasty homemade treats.DIY-hacks-13

15. The cases that your sodas arrive in aren’t always that handy and they take up so much room in the fridge. However, you shouldn’t thrown them away. Instead, cover them with old wrapping paper scraps and use them in your pantry to store cans of soup.DIY-hacks-14

16. When this woman’s ceiling fan finally broke and needed to be replaced, she could have thrown it all away. Instead, she used pieces of her old fan to create this stunning dragonfly statue that is the pride of her porch. Such a cool idea!DIY-hacks-15

17. When you sit on a rickety old chair you might decide that it is time to put it on the curb and out of its misery, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even the most rustic looking pieces of broken furniture can be used to bring a stylish shabby chic flair to your garden.DIY-hacks-16

18. For most people, repurposing wine bottles is limited to transforming them into messy candleholders. For a cleaner look, mount or hang them in your kitchen windows as an ethereal take on vases for flower cuttings. Talk about eye-catching!DIY-hacks-17

19. See that midcentury modern looking white end table? It was once a dirty broken brass table lamp! It’s amazing what some paint and glue can do to transform something that seems so ugly and useless into something truly brand new. DIY-hacks-18

20. And speaking of ugly brass table lamps, if you have a matching set like these that you’re ready to let go of, why not transform them into mini-street lights that work as solar lamps out on your porch or your patio? They make a great conversation piece. DIY-hacks-19

21. Over the years, your cutlery drawer can turn into a real mish-mash. The next time you sort out the unwanted silver, instead of getting rid of the stuff, you can use it to make a thematically appropriate piece of art in your kitchen. It will get folks talking!DIY-hacks-20

22. Redoing your kitchen right down to those old cabinets? Don’t ditch the doors! Instead, paint them, distress them and use them as country style decor around the house like one home owner did as pictured below. It’s a striking look.DIY-hacks-21

These hacks are such a great way to finally get that junk cleared out of your garage once and for all! Heck, depending on how they turn out you could even make a little bit of money selling your repurposed treasures!

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