People are always looking for new ways to fight boredom during the long winter months. Staying inside and watching movies night after night is only fun for so long.

They say that out of boredom comes creativity, so it should come as no surprise that people come up with some pretty wacky activities to keep themselves busy during that time.

Competitors who participate in the International Hair Freezing Contest in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada every February know all about that. Just wait until you see the crazy photographs from the stiff competition…

The International Hair Freezing Contest was created in 2011.

hair-freezing-1Takhini Hot Pools

The competition is held annually throughout the Sourdough Rendezvous, a festival held yearly in Yukon.

hair-freezing-2Takhini Hot Pools

It takes place in the cold winter month of February.

hair-freezing-3Takhini Hot Pools

People flock to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada from all around the world to take their shot at winning the contest.

hair-freezing-4Takhini Hot Pools

First, participants submerge their heads in the Tahini hot pools, which reach temperatures of 104° Fahrenheit. What they do next is the reason this contest has gotten international fame…

hair-freezing-5Takhini Hot Pools

Because the air temperature can plummet to -22° Fahrenheit, contestants hair freezes almost instantaneously resulting in some bizarre looks!

hair-freezing-10Takhini Hot Pools

Contestants are permitted to mold their hair as it freezes to get the most interesting shape.

hair-freezing-7Takhini Hot Pools

Once their hair freezes, people take pictures…

hair-freezing-8Takhini Hot Pools

The contestants receive scores based on their creativity.

hair-freezing-9Takhini Hot Pools

These people might look crazy, but they’re happy to call themselves winners of this wacky competition!

hair-freezing-6Takhini Hot Pools

That looks like some real stiff competition. I think I’ll stick to being a spectator for this one!

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