It’s an unfortunate truth, but with the rise of technology, it seems that we all too happily opt to use less of our brains in favor of allowing the “computers” to do it for us. And with all of the devices we have at our disposal, it’s pretty easy to become distracted and confused!

That’s why it’s important to challenge ourselves with puzzles once in a while. Just as you should exercise your body to stay strong and healthy, you need to treat your brain like a muscle that requires its own kind of flexing. Just try your hand at these tricky brain games and see if your mind is still as sharp as you think it is…

1. Some people claim this simple-looking puzzle is the world’s hardest word search. There are only three different letters, and the only thing you have to find is the word “dog.” Can you spot it? You probably think you see it in a few places…

Give up? There’s only one instance of the word “dog” in this entire puzzle—and it was in a diagonal sequences right there in the center. If you thought you spotted it elsewhere, that was just your brain trying to find patterns that weren’t really there.

2. Here’s a brain teaser that requires some logic: As summer came to an end, Prince Charming decided to search for his true love. Exhausted from his travels, he encountered a witch’s shack and asked if she could take him in for just one night. The witch obliged.

Before the prince left the next day, the witch handed him a tunic and said, “One day on your quest for love, you will find your passage blocked by a wide river. Luckily, you’ll be able to cross with no problem using this magical tunic!” One hundred days and nights passed before he found the river, but he was able to cross it without the magic tunic. Can you explain why?

It was the end of summer—September—when Prince Charming visited the witch. If 100 days had passed by the time he approached to the river, that means it was wintertime—and the river was frozen at that time. This explained how he was able to walk across the frozen river to the opposite bank with ease. Hopefully he found his true love shortly after!

3. Here’s another puzzle. Can you spot the panda in this image full of elephants? You’d think that, in a picture like this, something as easily identifiable as a panda would be simple enough to locate. However, appearances can be deceiving…

Here’s the answer! Isn’t it nuts how easily a black-and-white figure can blend right into the crowd? These gray, orange, yellow, and white elephants somehow make the perfect place for the panda to hide.

4. That isn’t the only panda who’s hiding where he doesn’t belong! If you thought locating a panda in a crowd of elephants was tough, just take a look at this illustration full of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Can you spot the panda here?

Why, there he is! When you imagine a panda, you have a very clear idea in your head of what he’s going to look like. However, in this puzzle, the design is just different enough to throw you off your game. Doggone it!

5. Had enough of pandas? Then you’ll want to try this next. All of these little critters are hamsters—except for one. Don’t get frustrated if it takes you a while to spot the odd object…

Did you spot the potato hanging out with all these critters? This puzzle is challenging because, like the pandas, these hamsters are drawn in the same style as the one object you’re trying to find. Did the hamster in the wedding veil distract you?

6. For those politically inclined, here’s a sea of caricatures of United States Senator Bernie Sanders. But Bernie isn’t the only man in this group of white-haired wonders. Can you find the lone Doc Brown from Back to the Future fame in this picture?

There he is! This might have been a little bit tricky, because Doc Brown—who was portrayed by actor Christopher Lloyd—looks a lot like Bernie Sanders. Even knowing that he’s wearing thick goggles, not glasses, he’s still hard to pinpoint!

7. This brain teaser is a fun riff on the eternal question of which came first: the chicken or the egg? Here’s an Easter-themed version of that same question: the egg or the bunny! Can you find the egg in this crowd of funny bunnies?

There it is! This quiz doesn’t even seem fair. Even if you were looking with eagle-eyed precision, you might mistake that so-called “egg” for something like a rabbit’s paw or perhaps one of its ears.

8. And here we are, back on the hunt for everyone’s favorite bamboo-eating friend, the panda! In this crowd of white snowmen, there is one single panda. He might be a bit more difficult to find than in the other searches, though…

Did this one take you forever to figure out? There’s something about the coal-black eyes of these snowmen that seems to encourage the panda’s tendency to blend into the crowd. Here’s hoping he isn’t too chilly in there!

9. One of these owls is actually a cat. Can you find him? You might notice some of them look a little anxious. You probably would, too, if you had a sneaky kitty hanging out in your midst…

Even if you happen to own cats, it’s no small challenge trying to find them around the house. They are, after all, master ninjas. Did you spot this one? You can tell he feels totally out of place among all those owls. “Whooo’s there?” “Just me-ow!”

10. Hidden within all of these storm troopers is yet another panda. He desperately needs your help to get out of this sticky situation and back to the safety of his bamboo grove on Alderaan!

It’s amazing how tough this puzzle is. Now that you’ve spotted this panda, you’ll realize he doesn’t seem like he’s in that much of a hurry to leave after all. In fact, it looks like this is one panda who has a real grudge to settle!

Sometimes you just have to put away the social media, peel yourself off the couch, and try your luck at some brain teasers. It’s usually a much more rewarding activity!

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