Even the simplest photos have the power to pull all sorts of emotions out of us when we least expect it. We can find humor, sadness, anger, anxiety, or even peace in a snapshot captured with the casual wave of a smartphone! Take these 20 photos for example…

When you first take a look at ’em, you’ll probably scratch your head trying to figure out exactly what’s going on. But before you know it, even though they’re by no means professionally composed, you’re sure to be slapping your knees with laughter!

1. This is some trippy depth perception, dude… That guy has to be like 10 feet away, but he apparently has the longest arms in the world! This sounds like a job for elastic-dad! 

2. This guy’s either a huge fan of tennis or a huge fan of having the wackiest hairdo imaginable. How do you even ask for that? Do you sit in the barber’s chair and say, “I’d like the Wimbledon please”?

3. At first, this looks like a family of three finishing up a pleasant meal. But look closer. Do you see something in the window’s reflection? This is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.

4. It looks like someone skipped out on the firefighting class where they tell you hoses are the best way to put out a fire. A few dozen Dasani waters just ain’t gonna cut it buddy; time to go back to school.

5. This guy is smiling because he’s well aware he rocks those fishnet stockings like a boss. There’s no shame in his cut-off-jean-shorts-and-stocking game. Wait… that’s just a shadow. And to think, he was so close to pulling off some high fashion.

6. Do you have an unsightly mole you feel self-conscious about? Instead of spending your time wondering if people notice, tattoo a Michael Jordan Jumpman logo next to it so everyone knows you’re into sports!

7. This is the kind of nighttime shindig you hope you’re never invited to…although, it does look like those cats are having quite the dance party! This guy clearly knows how to play a mean note on the accordion.

8. Hey, if you’re going to put your pets in the front seat of a motorbike, it’s always a good idea to keep them safe, even if it means slapping a sweet pink helmet on the four-legged chap.

9. At first glance, eating donuts while on the toilet in a public bathroom might seem utterly disgusting. But when you think about it, this is efficient; he’s just cutting to the chase. 

10. That’s one ominous license plate this hearse is sporting. We all know death is inevitable, but none of us want to think about it. Maybe change the plate to “U R IN LINE”?

11. This girl managed to keep her bun tightly wound after going for a dip in the ocean. Wait a minute… that’s not a bun at all! It’s a man’s head! That guy will live on forever in this photo as this woman’s “hair.”

12. Someone very clever looked up their ceiling fan and thought, “Nah, there’s no way I’m letting this be just a fan.” They need to be careful that when the fan blades aren’t turning the whole thing doesn’t fall out of the sky!

13. Somehow this woman had a once-in-a-lifetime surgery where a foot was attached to her hand. She looks like she’s reaching for something, but feet don’t exactly have the grasping ability of a fully-functional hand.

14. Where is the rope attached on poor ol’ Tinky Winky? His tooth? If so, this might be the most elaborate way to pull out a loose tooth since kids starting tying shaky molars to door handles.

15. This guy saw some hungry boaters in need of some Oscar Meyer wieners out on the lake, so he jumped at the chance to quell their appetites. He certainly turns heads when he pops that bad boy into drive.

16. This store seems to know something about what the future holds, and it doesn’t look pretty. When the dinosaurs come back and take over, you won’t need a deli or a butcher; you’re going to need to stock up on provisions until the raptors are gone.

17. It’s one thing asking your friend to smell your hair after you’ve used a scented shampoo, but this friend is taking things just a bit too far, don’t you think? 

18. That girl in the back doing the heavy lifting sure is big for her age, and the girl in front has a pretty unusual torso-to-leg ratio. Even though those arms seem small, that girl in blue has clearly been working on her front squats.

19. Congratulations to the very first human being who’s also part amphibian! He probably catches fly balls with his tongue, and he can hop long distances to tag out runners! Hold on, they meant to write ambidextrous, right?

20. This rogue sock is lying on the floor screaming for someone to pick it up and match it with its buddy! The owner of this sock will never misplace the two of them again thanks to that startling shriek!