Herbs and spices are essential for turning a good dish into a great one, but they have lots of other uses as well. From herbal teas to homeopathic treatments, people use these garden-grown wonders in all sorts of inventive ways.

Many people believe that certain herbs and spices have deeper, more emotional, or psychic effects, too. In fact, some of our most commonly used seasonings have strong traditions in folklore as powerful mental and emotional aides.

Check some of these powerful potables, and you’ll be tending your own garden in no time!

1. Basil: Many people believe that certain herbs and spices have deeply powerful effects. Basil is traditionally associated with prosperity. That doesn’t mean that eating a ton of basil will make you flush with cash, but it may help you realize where your true wealth is. It also might help settle the stomach!

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2. Cinnamon: Everybody loves the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven, but did you know cinnamon is also associated with luck? Some say a little sprinkle of this spice in your life will help you to recognize and go after good opportunities.

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3. Cloves: In folklore, cloves are often said to cause attraction. It could be romantic, but isn’t necessarily. They could also be leading you to the right choice or attracting the opportunity you need most.

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4. Garlic: Anyone who’s seen a vampire movie knows that garlic protects you from the undead—but that’s just the beginning. Garlic is said to keep away all sorts of misfortunes and evil forces… plus, you can’t make Italian food without it.

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5. Lavender: This flower is well known for its soothing smell, but it’s also associated with love and beauty. Maybe the wonderful scent just puts us in the right frame of mind to recognize and fall in love with what’s around all the time…

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6. Mint: If your mind feels a little bit foggy or you’re having trouble concentrating, sip on some mint tea! Mint is traditionally tied to mindfulness and clear thinking, and scientists have found some evidence supporting that idea.

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7. Rose: The connection between roses and love is pretty well-established, but the flower doesn’t just promote romantic love. In folklore, roses are often connected with deep friendship, too. So the next time you want to show a friend some appreciation, offer them a rose!

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8. Rosemary: This herb is sometimes associated with healing, and not just the physical kind. Rosemary is said to promote psychic and emotional healing and can help fortify against future hurt, too. That Simon and Garfunkel song makes more sense now…

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9. Sage: Across many cultures this herb has been associated with spiritual cleansing. It’s often burned as incense, but it’s great in lots of recipes, too! If you feel like you need to get rid of some excess emotional baggage, try incorporating some sage into your life.



10. Thyme: In folklore, thyme is connected with wisdom and understanding. If you’ve got a big decision to make or you’re stuck on something that’s not quite clear to you, a pinch of thyme in the diet may help.

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Wow… who would’ve guessed that these herbs had such powerful uses? You’re going to be looking at your spice rack in a whole new light!

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