The human mind is a complicated organ that is capable of learning and making sense of very complex scenarios. Impressive as it can be, the brain is often no match for even the simplest of optical illusions. A trick of the eye is sometimes enough to trip a person up entirely.

When we see one thing but are told something else is present, our brain has no idea what to make of the conflicting information its receiving! This has a lot to do with the way we have been trained to think, and our brains, after a moment, will learn to adapt to the confusing stimuli the more we’re exposed to it. Just like a muscle in the body, a brain needs to be put to the test to “grow.”

No matter how good you are at figuring out illusions already, there’s close to zero chance you’ll get this one on the first try. If you do, you might just be a genius!

People on Facebook have been baffled by this illusion ever since it was shared by Jeya May Cruz of the Philippines. According to her, there’s a phone hiding somewhere within this picture, though, most people can’t seem to locate the object…

1-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

The first thing that you may want to do to find the hidden phone is divide the image into four sections. This way, you have four manageable spaces to work with and won’t become overwhelmed by the overall large space of the rug.

2-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

You’re going to want to look very closely at each of the four quadrants you have in front of you. Be sure to analyze each space to the best of your ability. It’s easy to overlook something when you’re least expecting it. Where do you think it might be?

3-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Still stumped? Okay, let’s make this challenging optical illusion a little easier to solve and narrow down the search area to just quadrant number one. Don’t be fooled, though, it’s really hidden in there! Think you see it?

4-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Perhaps, the trickiest part of this optical illusion is the disorienting pattern of the rug. You have to imagine that the phone is likely camouflaged within its intricate design. If you didn’t see it in the previous image you’ll have to really strain to see it here. In the circle you can see that the lines on the blue material look a little wobbly…

5-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Even with a closer look, it’s still very difficult to find because the phone has a floral pattern that blends perfectly into the carpet. You’d have to have a professionally trained eye to locate the object without some assistance. Look for the oval-shaped camera lens on the top, left side of the pink rectangle and you’ll see the tell-tale giveaway. Now that you’ve seen it, it’s obvious that the pattern isn’t even the same!
6-hidden-phoneJeya La Cruz / Facebook

This may be the best illusion ever! It took us a lot longer to find than we’re willing to admit…

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