Your brain is like a muscle: The more you test it with complex riddles and challenging tasks, the stronger it gets and the bigger it grows.

For instance, you can teach yourself to look at the same photograph as someone else and perceive things that they just can’t see!

Take this unique photo, for example. At first, it doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, but a closer inspection will reveal it’s actually a brain-bending exercise designed to give your mind a workout. When you put your effort toward the images within in, you might not see any paintings the same way again…

Chances are that when you first look at this unique photograph, you’ll only see two adult tigers lounging around in the jungle with their two cubs. Take a closer look, though. How many tigers do you see in the photo? Remember: some of the tigers are hidden within the scenery!


It turns out that there were a lot more than just the four initial tigers you saw. In fact, there were 16! Did you find them all? It’s so helpful to be able to step back and get a fresh perspective on things. The next time you see a puzzle like this, you just might find all the hidden images!


How did you do? Some of those were really tricky!

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