High diving is a sport that requires immense concentration and precision. Considering how divers are capable of dropping at speeds up to 60 miles per hour, jumping even an inch too far to the left or right could result in serious injuries. Usually, the more practice divers have, the more exactitude they can accomplish in a dive.

For a group of macaque monkeys in India, however, the most precise divers happen to be the youngest. These monkeys have their own personal diving pool, and they just love jumping from a very high distance.

The only problem is, no one wants to wait very long for their turn to jump—and their solution is hilarious.

A troupe of macaque monkeys in India enjoy their own private swimming fountain, but they have to make a precise jump to safely land in this narrow body of water. The youngest—and smallest—of the gang usually have the easiest time sticking the landing.


These monkeys line up pretty quickly, so it can become a bit crowded at the top of the tower… and they can grow impatient waiting for their turn to dive.


What happens when one little hesitant monkey gets pushed over the edge before he’s ready? Watch the video below to find out if he makes it…

These monkeys sure know how to host a pool party! Still, it must be scary to get pushed off a ledge that high. Thank goodness his mama was around to help!

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