Going to the dentist is never a fun experience. Allowing a surgical-glove-wearing person to probe around inside your mouth with metal hooks can ruin just about anyone’s day. Luckily, a healthy dose of anesthesia can help quell this fear.

Although it helps to alleviate pain, anesthesia can have very unusual side effects. You’re chemically inducing a heavy sleep cycle while you’re still awake, which can lead to people experiencing odd dreams while conscious. Hilarious results are almost always the outcome.

One man, named Bart, came back from the dentist and was still very much feeling the effects of the anesthesia. His wife found him on the bed crying, and when she asked what was wrong, she couldn’t help but laugh at how absurd his concern was.

A grown man, named Bart, came back from a trip to the dentist in a very strange state of mind, he underwent a healthy dose of anesthesia to help alleviate the pain of his dental work. He crawled into bed and suddenly started to cry. When his wife asked him what the problem was, his response was absolutely hilarious!

groggy 1

Bart explained to his wife that he had a very serious concern. It was the kind of thing you’d only worry about if you were totally out of your mind…

groggy 3

Watch the hilarious video below to see exactly what Bart was so worried about!

Anesthesia can be quite the drug! I’m not sure Bart’s wife is ever going to let him live this down!

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