Few people think lightly about death, but alas, it’s a natural part of life — and let’s face it, it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not. So really, what’s wrong with having a sense of humor about it?

Here are 20 people that literally took their sense of humor to the grave. Call it morbid, but you’ve got to admit they’re funny!

1. And yet he couldn’t do anything to stop it…

1-killing-jokesImgur / ChickensAreIllegalInMyCity

2. That’s one of the positives about death: you don’t need to continue making payments from beyond the grave!


3. Honorable mentions: “meep meep” or “thuffering thuccotash.”

3-killing-jokesImgur / ashellfishlover

4. One would think that notorious gunslinger Robert Clay Allison, who even had a few run-ins with Wyatt Earp, would’ve met his maker during a gunfight — but it was a broken neck from a tumble off a wagon that finally did him in. Luckily, this epitaph does justice to his tough-guy persona.

4-killing-jokesReddit / notoriouspcp

5. Irish housewife Ellen Shannon was tragically killed by “non-explosive” lamp fluid. Her family used her headstone to publicly shame the company responsible, R.E Danforth, for this deadly case of false advertising.

5-killing-jokesTheresa's Haunted History Of The Tri-State

6. Looks like he got the last laugh.

6-killing-jokesDrunk Girls Travel

7. It’s never too late to make a pun about hunting and hip-hop.

7-killing-jokesImgur / Spencer Dawson

8. “We’re going to need a bigger casket.”


9. “I demand a word with my lawyer!”

9-killing-jokesReddit / jay456

10. The clergyman leading the funeral must have loved this.

10-killing-jokesReddit / MissBoots7613

11. We’re pretty impressed this family had the balls to erect this tombstone.

11-killing-jokesImgur / nolongerlurking

12. If video games have taught us anything, it’s that this guy will respawn soon enough.

12-killing-jokesImgur / valkuma

13. He always dreamed of becoming a conductor someday.

13-killing-jokesPhotobucket / FredBasset_2007

14. They asked her to repeat the recipe every year anyway, so this is just as well.

14-killing-jokesThe Courier / Jane Menster

15. Way to kick a man while he’s down, eh?

15-killing-jokesReddit / TheKolbrin

16. Mitch always liked to tell it like it is.

16-killing-jokesReddit / metalsgt90

17. The phrase “digging yourself out of debt” comes to mind.


18. “And I didn’t want to go to a funeral today, but we can’t always get what we want, can we, Esther?”

18-killing-jokesImgur / ChickensAreIllegalInMyCity

19. Media personality Merv Griffin popularized the catchphrase “I’ll be right back after these messages” on The Merv Griffin Show, but he made it completely clear that the show that was his life would not survive cancellation.

19-killing-jokesImgur / ChickensAreIllegalInMyCity

20. “It would be nice to be mummified, too.”

20-killing-jokesImgur / ChickensAreIllegalInMyCity

It’s unfortunate that it took their passing to read the work of these find jokesters. Still, each one of these headstones prove that death doesn’t have to be a sad subject.

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