Whether you’re trying to create a sign for your company or design a T-shirt, chances are you’ll need to select a font. Well, you’re in luck! Between functional Arial and elegant Zapfino, there are thousands of options. But which one do you choose to get your message across?

Unless you’re in eighth grade, Comic Sans just ain’t gonna cut it. Not to mention, you’ll need to consider whether you want serif or sans-serif. How about italics or bold? And don’t even get us started on kerning, leading, and letter-spacing.

Professional designers can give you tips, of course, but that will cost you—which is probably why the 27 amateur designers below tried their hand at their own projects, all of which looked less “DIY” and more “WTF!” Check out these font flukes and tell us if you agree…

1. This shirt doesn’t exactly say “winning team,” does it?


2. “Oh how nice! A cake for… um, excuse me?”


3. Sometimes, this is just the way a cookie crumbles.


4. We “hope” this person never wears this necklace upside-down.

font4jaguarbitch / reddit

5. Just so you know what to expect after the taco.

font5retrowavve / reddit

6. Hey, at least key lime is a better scent than the original.

font6Arachnophobicspider / reddit

7. A change will do you good.


8. We’ll stick with human, thanks.


9. Not a very dope idea, guys.

font9campbellsouup / reddit

10. Um… we choose treat.

font10KanataCitizen / reddit

11. “I’d rather not.”


12. We’ve got some beef with this designer.

font12calcuttr / reddit

13. At least you’re honest about it.

14. Punching white supremacists in the face doesn’t sound like a bad idea…font14jshinall / imgur

15. Curt needs a new name tag. Or name.font15imgur

16. Yum?

font16Serena Ryan / Twitter

17. Hey, at least they’re nut-free.

font17eeeeeew / Twitter

18. How did this sign make it to the building?

font18nathan / imgur

19. Come on, Kurt, really?


20. The worst part is that this clock doesn’t even tell time!


21. Gwenyth Paltrow is out of control.


22. For grown-up Christmas trees only.

font22Pterodactyl418 / reddit

22. Virtually any other color would have worked, guys.

font23[deleted] / reddit

24. Hallelujah!

font24refufsslade / reddit

25. That’s one way to break the ice, right?

font25Dunklid / reddit

26. No batteries, though.

font26FatBoyNotReally / reddit

27. We’ll take a hard pass on this one.


Those sure were epic font fails. Maybe the designers who worked on them just needed glasses or to step away from the computer for a while? Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: they probably shouldn’t quit their day jobs.

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