When you think of all the talented people competing to become the next big actor or singer, it’s hard to believe that two people from the same family can become superstars – the odds are just too slim! But at the same time, lightning does strike twice on rare occasions.

These famous sisters defied the odds to make a real name for themselves. Some followed in their siblings’ footsteps, while others pursued radically different careers. You might not have even realized that some of these celebs are related!

1. Emily and Felicity Blunt: Let’s be blunt — these sisters are seriously talented. Emily has thrilled audiences in A Quiet Place and Mary Poppins Returns. Felicity works as a literary agent, but makes frequent red carpet appearances as the wife of Stanley Tucci.

2. Laura and Sarah Silverman: Sarah stands out as one of the boldest and most outrageous comedic voices today, and her older sister Laura is no slouch either. They even co-starred as fictionalized versions of themselves on The Sarah Silverman Program.

3. Beyonce and Solange Knowles: We can’t forget about the other members of Queen Bey’s royal family. Following in her Destiny’s Child siblings footsteps, Solange launched a singing career of her own. In fact, both sisters had number one albums in 2015!


4. Pippa and Kate Middleton: Speaking of royal families, though not celebrities in the conventional sense, Kate and Pippa are two of the most beloved sisters on Earth. While Kate stays busy with her royal duties, her younger sibling is a news columnist and philanthropist.

5. Cara and Poppy Delevingne: While Cara has lit up movie screens everywhere in Suicide Squad and Paper Towns, the older Poppy is a leading supermodel. Now that she’s got some film appearances under her belt, too, it’s only a matter of time until we see these sisters star alongside each other.

6. Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen: We all remember Mary-Kate and Ashley from Full House and tons of movies. Though the twins mostly focus on fashion these days, their sister Elizabeth has grabbed the acting spotlight, notably as Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Universe.

7. Zooey and Emily Deschanel: Quirkiness runs throughout the Deschanel DNA. Since her breakout role in Elf, Zooey found stardom in New Girl and 500 Days of Summer. Meanwhile, Emily headlined Bones for twelve whole seasons. 

8. Blake and Robyn Lively: Fans have been following Blake Lively since the days of Gossip Girl and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Her big sister Robyn is also an accomplished actor, who had prominent roles in The Karate Kid Part III, Teen Witch, and Twin Peaks.

Christopher Polk

9. Miley, Noah, and Brandi Cyrus: It’s a party in the U.S.A. — or at least in the Cyrus household. Miley is obviously one of the biggest pop stars out there, and her little sister Noah is following in her footsteps. Meanwhile, older sister Brandi has built a nice acting career for herself.

10. Dakota and Elle Fanning: If you can believe it, Dakota and Elle both made their acting debuts in 2001’s I Am Sam — as the same character at different ages! Not only have they been critic and commercial favorites ever since, but they also have great taste in hats.

WireImage / Han Myung-Gu

11. Tia and Tamera Mowry: Unsurprisingly, these Sister, Sister co-stars are, well, sisters. Since their child star days, Tia and Tamera continue to work together by starring in a reality show on the Style Network.

12. Audrey and Judy Landers: In the 1980s, Audrey rose to stardom on the soap hit Dallas. Her younger sister Judy, who bore a strong resemblance, picked up her own share of acting roles, including The Jeffersons and Charlie’s Angels


13. Gigi and Bella Hadid: Seeing double? It’s remarkable that two of the biggest supermodels in the world are sisters, showing off the hottest fashions on Vogue covers everywhere. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that their mom Yolanda is a former model — and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


14. Paris and Nicky Hilton: The leading celebutantes of the early 2000s, these heiresses made the most of their Hilton hotel money. Paris starred in The Simple Life and became New York’s leading socialite, while Nicky married into the historic Rothschild family.

W Magazine

15. Rooney and Kate Mara: Though their dad owns the New York Giants and their mom’s family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers, these girls chose not to go into the family business. Instead, they became two of today’s biggest stars. Rooney is best known as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Kate starred in The Martian and House of Cards.

Reddit / KGrizzly

16. Vanessa and Stella Hudgens: Since her breakout in High School Musical, Vanessa continues to snag juicy roles, including Rizzo in Grease: Live and Candy in Spring Breakers. Little sis Stella is turning heads as well with spots in 16 and Missing and The Memory Thief.

17. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson: In the early 2000s, these two were on top of the music and movie worlds. Aside from their reality TV shows, Jessica starred in The Dukes of Hazzard and Ashlee appeared in 7th Heaven. Ashlee also earned some unwanted attention after a lip-syncing controversy on Saturday Night Live.

Us Weekly

18. Nicole and Sofia Richie: Paris Hilton isn’t the only socialite with a talented sibling. Her BFF and Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie has an adoptive sister named Sofia. She’s made headlines for her modeling and for dating Scott Disick, the ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian.

19. Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor: These Hungarian-American sisters laid the groundwork for the Hiltons and Kardashians back in the mid-1900s. Zsa Zsa was a beauty queen whose personal life attracted tons of media attention. Eva emerged as a successful actress, best known as star of Green Acres.

20. Haylie and Hilary Duff: Fans of the classic Disney Channel will no doubt remember Hilary as Lizzy McGuire. Haylie didn’t do too bad either, scoring a regular role on 7th Heaven and appearing in the offbeat comedy Napoleon Dynamite.

Part of being a celebrity is having a lot of personal details outed to the whole world. But sometimes, celebrities have secrets hiding in plain sight. That’s certainly the case for these A-list celebs, each of whom has a special family member that you probably had no idea existed: a twin!

1. Scarlett Johansson may be the highest-grossing actress of all time, but she loves to take her twin brother, Hunter, along for the ride on red carpets. He also tagged along with her to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2010.

1-celebrity-twinsEtto Today

2. Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother, Michael, suffers from Cerebral Palsy, which has largely been a motivator for Ashton’s career. He started modeling when he was young so he could help pay for Michael’s medical care.

3. Alanis Morissette’s twin brother, Wade, is an author, yoga instructor, and therapist. He also dabbles in the music industry with yoga-influenced indie rock albums. These siblings even authored a book about yoga together!

3-celebrity-twinsBuzz Beagle

4. Patricia Bundchen is Gisele Brady’s twin sister and manager. Patricia used to be a model too, but perhaps the two of them made a mutual decision that two gorgeous Bundchen supermodels would be too much for the world to handle.


5. With fewer acting credits to her name than her twin brother Giovanni, Marissa Ribisi may not be as famous. However, she does have the distinction of being married to the Grammy-award winning alternative rock icon Beck.


6. Aaron Ashmore has a number of acting credits to his name, though he’s probably best known as the twin of Shawn Ashmore, who starred in The Following and as Iceman in the X-Men films. The brothers share the same wrist tattoo: “GMA” for “Good Man Ashmore.”

7. Nicholas Brendon is best known for playing Kevin Lynch on Criminal Minds and Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His identical twin brother, Kelly Donovan, is probably best known for playing a second Xander on an episode of Buffy.

7-celebrity-twinsViral Cypher

8. Jon Heder is best known for his comedic roles in films like Napoleon Dynamite and Blades of Glory, but his twin brother, Dan, works behind the scenes as an animator. In case you were wondering, both of them voted for Pedro.

8-celebrity-twinsGo Funny

9. Though both were born in Canada, Jill Hennessy is best known to Americans as the star of television shows like Crossing Jordan and Law and Order. Her twin sister Jacqueline, on the other hand, hosts the Canadian show Medical Intelligence.

9-celebrity-twinsLight Dark

10. Singer Olly Murs got into a heated argument with his twin brother Ben, after Olly missed his wedding to perform on X Factor. Nonetheless, Olly says: “I love my brother – always have, always will.”


11. The only child of the famous Fiennes family not to work in the arts, Jacob Fiennes instead turned to conservationism. His brother Joseph has said of his twin: “I was lucky that I had my twin, Jake — I gained strength by having that extra member.”


12. Judy Reyes may be best known for portraying Carla on Scrubs, but after appearing in 15 episodes of Law and Order, Judy’s sister Joselin is certainly an actress in her own right. She even played Carla’s sister on a Scrubs episode!

12-celebrity-twinsJudy Reyes / Twitter

13. While Kiefer Sutherland is best known for playing Jack Bauer on the hit action series 24, his twin sister, Rachel, has a career as post-production supervisor. Naturally, they both have a ton of talent as children of legendary actor Donald Sutherland.

14. You’ve probably seen Eva Green in films like Casino Royale or TV shows like Penny Dreadful. But you probably don’t know that she has a non-identical twin sister named Joy who is married to an Italian count.


15. For sisters that were in the spotlight so much during their father’s presidency, many people don’t know that Jenna and Barbara Bush are actually twins. In fact, they were the first twins to live in the White House.


16. Shortly after Fast and Furious star Paul Walker passed away, Vin Diesel posted a picture of his own twin brother Paul Vincent standing next to his late co-star. Paul may not be as muscular or famous as his bro, but he does have quite a head of hair!

17. Indie film star Parker Posey’s brother, Christopher, is an Atlanta-based lawyer. It’s pretty impressive that these siblings found so much success, especially after they had to deal with being born two months premature.

17-celebrity-twinsFoto Basa

18. Not only does Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox have a twin brother, but you’ve probably seen him on the show. M Lamar, an avant-garde musician, portrayed Laverne’s character pre-transition in various flashbacks.

19. At this point, most people know DJ Samantha Ronson as the sister of Mark Ronson (of “Uptown Funk” fame). But were you aware that she also has a twin sister, Charlotte, who is a successful fashion designer?

18-celebrity-twinsBuzz Beagle

20. During several scenes throughout the Terminator franchise, Leslie Hamilton stood in as a double for her famous twin sister, Linda. That’s a pretty big leap for Leslie, as she normally works as a nurse.