Every person we pass on the street has their own story. Whether they appear wealthy, poor, friendly, or disgruntled, behind every face is a special journey that only one individual has experienced. And, sometimes, the story of their life is astounding.

On the corner of a street in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo sat a poet—though, until recently, not a soul knew it. He had been homeless for years, but beneath his tattered clothes, untamed hair, and bent back, his powerful story has remained untold. That is, until now.

Though most people never thought much about him as they carried on with their days, Shalla Montiero took interest in him, and it wasn’t long before she realized that she’d found something—and someone—really special.

No matter where you are, everyone around you has a unique story that they can call their own. Whether it be full of triumphs or tragedies, no one else shares the exact same life experiences, and that’s a truly wonderful thing.

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When Shalla Montiero first saw this man, Raimundo Arruda Sorbinho, she had no clue what story he was hiding. He had obviously been through very difficult times, but to her, he was just another man trying to make his way through the world.


One day, Shalla decided to strike up a conversation with him, and she learned that Raimundo had been writing poetry for the entirety of his 35 years on the streets. Even though he had no one to share his work with, he still wrote. Shalla was truly touched by Raimundo’s story. She had to do something… but what?

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Shalla was so moved that she immediately created a Facebook page to showcase her new friend’s writing. She knew that Raimundo had something important to share with the world, and it would have been a shame if this incredible literature was never read by anyone other than her.

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Believe it or not, Raimundo’s brother—who had not seen him for 50 years—reunited with him because of the Shalla’s Facebook page. All it took was a little help from social media and Raimundo’s life seemed to be taking a turn for the better every single day.


Even more, Raimundo underwent an incredible transformation! He’d spent so many years unable to tend to his personal hygiene that, after he finally took a shower and got a clean shave and haircut, he was barely recognizable.

06-raimundo-arruda-sobrinhoFacebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

Shalla wasn’t the only person who was moved by Raimundo’s presence, however. Just watch the touching interviews with the people who knew Raimundo best. Raimundo might have been homeless, but he was also quite extraordinary!

What a story. Can you believe that no one knew just how amazing this man was for decades? And just look at his talent! If you want to learn more about Raimundo and his works, check out his Facebook page.

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