How many of you have struggled to calculate the tip every time you go out for dinner? In addition to the math involved (shoutout to places that put the percentages at the bottom of the receipt!), you have to factor in the service itself. Oy vey.

No matter how you work out the gratuity, don’t be like this couple, whose tipping method is making them infamous. The husband even posted about it on Facebook thinking it was a clever idea, but when you read his plan, you won’t feel the same way!

One couple has become internet-infamous for their rather harsh tipping method. The husband’s plan is below and it’s definitely… interesting.


On behalf of anyone who has ever worked in the service industry…

02-tipping-methodWarner Bros

Please never be like this guy!


For real, though. First off, things happen when you’re trying to get food out to people—the kitchen gets slammed, a dish gets dropped, another table has an emergency. Second, what happens if your bill deserves a tip that’s bigger than $5? In short, don’t be like these people.

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