Scientific research has unlocked the answers to many of the universe’s greatest mysteries. If it weren’t for the contributions of people like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton, it’s hard to say whether life would be the same as we know it today.

Conducting your own science experiments is a fun way to learn important concepts and gain real understanding of how the world around you works. Not knowing what the end result will be is what makes it so exciting.

The YouTube duo of Beyond the Press clearly likes conducting such science experiments. They recently decided to see what would happen if you placed red hot steel onto a frozen lake. The results might shock you…

Beyond the Press, a YouTube duo who has made conducting and recording science experiments their hobby.


 They wanted to know what would happen if they placed a cylinder of red hot steel onto a frozen lake.


…So they heated a 44-pound cylinder of steel until it was piping hot and let science do its thing…

That was both oddly satisfying and beautiful. I definitely didn’t expect such a slow burn!

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