Scientific research has unlocked the answers to many of the universe’s greatest mysteries. If it weren’t for the contributions of people like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton, it’s hard to say whether life would be the same as we know it today.

Not only that, but conducting your own science experiments is a fun way to learn important concepts and gain real understanding of how the world around you works. Not knowing what the end result will be is what makes it so exciting!

YouTube duo Beyond the Press clearly likes conducting such science experiments. They recently decided to see what would happen if you placed red hot steel onto a frozen lake. The results might shock you…

Over the last few decades alone, science has made leaps and bounds. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a scientist to participate in your own cool experiments, either. The YouTube duo Beyond The Press demonstrates this better than just about anyone.

The online amateur scientists made a name for themselves online by posting videos of a hydraulic press crushing various items. At first, it may not sound like much of an experiment, but the sheer power of the press captivated Internet audiences all over the world. In the end, seeing stuff get smushed is pretty rad.

After posting numerous videos of the hydraulic press, they wanted to branch out and show the world other cool scientific experiments. So, they came up with a very unique idea involving hot steel and a frozen lake.

They wanted to see what would happen if they took a large piece of red hot steel and placed it on top of a lake frozen over with a thick sheet of ice. They knew the chemical reaction that would occur would be fascinating to watch.


The piece of steel they were using weighed a little over 40 pounds. They used a large tank of propane to heat it all up properly. They wanted it to be as hot as possible so the reaction was sure to be intense. But would the steel melt all the way through the ice?

The steel was attached to a strong cord that they used to transfer it onto the ice. Even though they only needed to carry the steel a few feet, they needed to be extremely careful since it was so hot and they could easily get burned.

The area of ice that they placed the steel on was level so it would burn straight through. They didn’t want to risk ruining the entire experiment by having the steel block tip over while it was reacting with the ice.


As soon as the steel touched the frozen surface of the lake, it started to slowly sizzle. The reaction between the heat and ice wasn’t immediately thrilling, but after a minute or two, things really started cooking!

Before they began the experiment, Beyond The Press made a prediction that the steel wouldn’t be able to melt all the way through the entire sheet of ice. However, now that the hot steel was in full force, they weren’t sure if their prediction would prove accurate.

This experiment is so cool! The people behind this YouTube channel are doing an amazing job giving viewers up-close looks at how amazing the scientific world can be. So, did the steel burn all the way through the ice? See for yourself…

That was both oddly satisfying and beautiful. You probably didn’t expect such a slow burn!

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