Hotels are supposed to be a nice place to relax while on vacation. Staying in one should be a pleasant experience, and definitely not a stressful one! When you’re required to travel on business all by yourself, though, a few days at a hotel can be a little lonely and boring.

That’s why it’s important to find activities to break the monotony of an average day. It’s not easy for everyone to find ways to have fun all alone, so sometimes you have to think outside the box to keep yourself occupied.

Just take this business traveler staying at a hotel in the country of Azerbaijan, for instance. When he was bored in his hotel room recently, he decided to play a game with the housekeeping staff. Their reaction to his request was completely unexpected…

Anyone who has had to stay in a hotel room by themselves while traveling on business knows that it can be hard to find ways to have fun by yourself. That’s exactly why this hotel guest staying in Azerbaijan decided to have a little fun with the housekeeping staff. On his first day, he left this waiting for them on his bed…


The traveler was unsure of how the housekeeping staff would respond to the “gift” that he had left for them. When he came back to his room that night after working all day, he saw that they’d left a note on his bed. He assumed they might have been annoyed with the way he’d left his room.


Much to the business traveler’s surprise, the note the housekeeping staff had left for him on his bed was a drawing of a smiley face. Clearly they had liked the gift that he’d designed for them. That’s when he knew he had to keep the fun going…


The next morning, the business traveler responded to the housekeeping staff’s smiley face with his own rendition of a blanket smiley face! All day, all he could think about while he was working was how they would respond this time.


Much to the business hotel guest’s pleasure upon returning to his room that second night, the housekeeping staff had not only neatly made his bed, but they had recreated the same smiley face. This one included a note, as well.


At that point, it became clear to the business traveler that his once daunting 10-day stay all by himself at the hotel was going to be more fun than he’d thought. The housekeeping staff was totally on board with his game and he loved it!


The next morning, the business traveler knew that he had to step his game up, especially if he wanted to impress the housekeeping staff. So, he decided to create a pillow insect. He even utilized the hotel shampoo and lotion for this one.


By the fourth day at the hotel, it became clear that the business traveler was harboring a serious talent for making awesome pillow figurines. Just look at this intricate design for this one. It appears to be an owl and human hybrid of sorts.


On the fifth day, the hotel guest was beginning to run out of ideas to impress the housekeeping staff. After much thought, he decided to create this octopus pillow person. Look at that playful design. That’s some serious creativity!


Again, when the business traveling hotel guest returned to his room, after a long day working, he was pleased to see the way that the hotel staff responded. Clearly they were a bit confused by his design, though, they obviously liked what he’d done.


A couple days later, the hotel guest left, perhaps, his best artistic pillow work yet. It was an automobile, complete with a traveling family inside. This unmistakable design was sure to impress the housekeeping staff again…


Like clockwork, the traveling businessman returned to his hotel room that evening to find another note from the housekeeping staff placed neatly on his pillow. It immediately caught his eye and he picked it up to give it a read…


“You have cheered me up. Thank you!!! :)” the note from one of the housekeeping staff members to the guest read. Clearly this man’s game was not only breaking the monotony of his own day, but of the housekeeper’s, as well.


On the ninth day of the business traveler’s stay, he decided to show his appreciation for their willingness to play along and left them a new smiley face. Not only was this one donning a hat, but it was playfully sticking its tongue out, too.


On the business traveler’s tenth and final day staying at the hotel, he decided to leave the housekeeping staff a pillow guest. Yes, he put a robe on a couch pillow and made it look like an actual person. Now, that’s getting creative!


The housekeeping staff was clearly elated with what he’d chosen to leave for them in his room that morning. Not only did they leave a picture of a smiley face, but they left a note. “Very, very beautiful,” their note to the guest said.


When it came time for the hotel guest to be on his merry way, he knew that he had to leave the staff a gift for being such good sports about his artistic antics. So, he decided to leave them a heart with some chocolates in the middle!


It just goes to show that everyone likes to have a little fun to break the monotony of a day. The best part about this story is that two people, who will likely never meet, made each other smile nonetheless!

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