Riddles can be a lot of fun, largely because they force us to think in more abstract ways than we normally do in our everyday lives. That’s also why they’re often so difficult.

This riddle, for example, may seem obvious at first. Yet you might just kick yourself when you learn the answer!

How many holes do you count in this t-shirt? Think carefully before you answer!

1-how-many-holesBhavini Online

Upon first glance, your first response may be to say that there are just two holes, both in the middle of the shirt. But it’s not that simple.


Remember that those holes go through both the front and back of the shirt, which amounts to four holes in total. Then, when you account for the sleeves and the openings at the top and bottom, you’ve got eight holes in total!


We forgive you if you got the answer wrong; 83% of the people who tried to solve this riddle missed it. If you were one of the 17% to get it right, though, give yourself a pat on the back!

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