When no amount of cleaning can mask an unpleasant smell, an air freshener can be, well… a breath of fresh air! But is “fresh” really the right word when so many of these products are actually made using harmful chemicals?

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way! Natural air fresheners are all around us—as long as you know just where to look.

Luckily, there is a simple, inexpensive, and natural way to make air fresheners right in your home. And when you see how easy it is, you’ll never buy another expensive bottle of Febreze again!

For this unbelievably amazing DIY air freshener, you won’t believe how little you will need! In order to get started, you’ll want to wash out a used candle jar or container similar to this one.


Next, find yourself a small mason jar with a tin lid. The jar should be small enough to fit inside the first candle holder you’d like to use. Once you have the mason jar, it’s time to move on to the next step!


The next step involves just a little bit of work—but only just a small amount!—so make sure you have a screwdriver on hand. The screwdriver is actually pretty important here, and you’ll understand why in just a moment.


A hammer will also come in handy later on during the project. Once you’ve looked through your toolbox for the proper tools, you’re almost ready to move on to making your homemade air freshener. No more Febreze for you!


It might seem weird at this point, but having a fork is going to be important as well. Finally, you’ve just about collected all of your tools—and now it’s time to make your house smell amazing!


To begin, you’ll need to first pour some baking soda into your old candle holder. Don’t worry about measuring it exactly, but you’ll want your holder to be filled to about a quarter of the way to the top.


Next, you’ll need some essential oils! Essential oils are going to be key for this project, and you can use any scent you’d like. Make sure it’s something you’d like to smell all throughout the room!


Once you have that perfect essential oil scent ready to roll, you can open it up. Next, shake it out into your candle holder full of baking soda. From there, you are very nearly done with this project!


Using your fork, thoroughly stir the essential oils into your baking soda. This mixture is going to be the main component of your air freshener so you want to make sure that they’re perfectly blended.


For the next step, take your tiny tea light and place it in the essential oil and baking soda mixture. Be sure to dig a little hole for it so it fits into the mixture. This way, you can ensure that your tea light stays put, even if you pick up your air freshener and relocate it to another room.


All you need to do from there is to light the candle and wait for those amazing smells to start permeating each and every corner of your home! It really is that easy! But wait, there’s more…


Watch the rest of this video by Aim to Create and learn another way to make this project! There are actually two ways to make your own air freshener, and the second one is even better than the first!

These DIY air fresheners can bring a pleasant smell to any room in your house. You won’t want to wait to add one to your bathroom or even your bedroom!

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