A mansion always tops the list of things any of us would love to own in our lifetimes. For most, a palatial home isn’t in the cards because of financial restrictions. Then again, the real estate market is unpredictable. For that reason, sometimes it’s possible to find an amazing deal on the home of your dreams.

Just take this massive five-bedroom, four-bathroom home. It was on sale at the surprisingly affordable price of just $137,000—a steal in any market! There was, however, one huge catch that may deter anyone from making an offer…

The worst part about buying a huge home is actually paying for it. And if you’ve got your eye on a mansion, you can kiss your savings goodbye—great deals on real estate at that level are hard to come by. However, this beauty was on the market for a mere $137,000!

As soon as you walk inside, your jaw just might drop. The energy is welcoming, and every guest who arrives will be equally as stunned by the elegant first impression the home offers anyone who visits.


The spacious estate contains five bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and more than 5,000 square feet of living space! If you’re thinking there’s some kind of catch, though, you might just be right. But first, just check out all this home has to offer…

The entrance opens to a brightly lit white room with plush couches. As you can see, the window drapes are hung in quite the ornate fashion. The openness of the layout and the warm tones would make anyone immediately feel comfortable.

The first thing you might notice is the pristine wooden furniture. This fireplace mantle has a lovely dark finish to it that gives a certain rustic feel to the property. With such a beautiful interior, it’d be tough to ever want to leave this place.

There are no shortages of rooms to explore or activities to keep you busy in a place this size. For instance, there is a sleek tabletop chess board for anyone who fancies a little friendly competition.

The main room for entertaining has high ceilings so guests will never feel cramped. There is plenty of space to host large parties without running out of elbow room for friends and family.

If the homeowner wants to throw a party for guests who enjoy the occasional cocktail or beer, the house offers a gorgeous built-in bar. Anyone can step in and act as bartender to keep the party going!

No entertaining space would be complete without a pool table of course, so you’d better believe there’s a place to flex those pool-cue skills after you grab a drink at the bar. Just don’t sink that eight ball!

The kitchen even features a quaint little nook for family breakfasts. One thing no one has to worry about is a lack of sunlight. There are large windows in nearly every room to allow the morning light to pour in.

Opposite the breakfast nook is a large kitchen with plenty of wooden cabinet space. This is a great size for someone who has a knack for cooking and spends a lot of time perfecting meals. All of this seems like a dream come true…

The arched doorway in the kitchen leads into the main dining room, where you can host plenty of dinner parties or family gatherings. The leaves in the table can be added or removed depending on the amount of guests, and a lovely crystal chandelier glitters above.

The second floor boasts this quaint guest bedroom, where there’s plenty of space for overnight visitors to stretch out and get comfortable. Just check out those bedspreads! This would make a fine kids’ room. It’s hard to imagine why a home this perfect was listed at only $137,000…

Guests never have to worry about encroaching on the homeowner’s bathroom privacy, either, because the guest bedroom has its own bathroom. Not too shabby of a place to wash up after being entertained all evening, huh?

The master bathroom, of course, is the place to be when you need to relax. This spacious room comes complete with a jacuzzi, so when you need to escape the stress of life and unwind, you can do it the right way.

The home’s garage is large and clean, and it accommodates any vehicle. There are also some cabinets and storage spaces so you can keep some of your tools and craft items organized and out of the way.

Access to the backyard is made easy through large glass doors located in the same room as the bar and pool table. Large windows positioned above allow for maximum sunlight during the day, which means less money spent on electricity.

The back yard, much like the inside, is also a perfect place to entertain. There’s a fire pit, tables, and plenty of seating for guests who want to soak up the sun’s rays and take in the natural scenery. This house seems too good to be true—so what the heck is the catch?

You know what they say about “location, location, location?” Well, this gigantic estate is located in Winner, South Dakota, a town of 2,900 people. That doesn’t seem so bad… until you learn it’s a three-hour drive to the nearest major city, Sioux Falls. Whoever purchases this home has to be okay with the secluded location of the town!

Although the asking price for this beautiful piece of real estate was originally set at $137,000, it ended up in the hands of a couple named David and Tessa Howard—who run the Winner Airport—for a bargain at $119,000. As residents, this house was the perfect purchase!

It sure does look like a lovely home, and at that price was a steal. If you keep your eyes open, you can find other cheap mansions like this one… just be sure you can live with whatever “catches” they come with!

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