Even though death is a natural part of life—and something we all face eventually—it’s still a subject that few of us like to talk about. Though it’s normal to fear the unknown, it’s really difficult to come to terms with something so uncertain and frightening.

That’s where humor comes in. Death may be scary, but that doesn’t mean we can’t joke around about it! After all, they say that laughter is the best way to cure what ails you. These 20 people proved that it’s possible to see the humor in something so morbid with the help of some seriously humorous headstones…

1. People always said that Mitchell liked to tell it like it was, and nothing changed once he made it to the afterlife. He certainly didn’t mince words when it came to sharing his catchphrase on his gravestone!

2. Poor Esther would’ve rather been the one reading her headstone than lying underneath it. Then again, that’s probably how most people would feel after they’ve gone. Maybe Esther was reading this… only from a better place?

3. The person laid to rest here may have been a psychic based on their unique Ouija board headstone. Maybe that means they’re particularly open to being summoned. Seance, anyone?

4. At least this headstone is brutally honest about what happened to Lawrence! Hopefully his wife wasn’t actually the cause of his demise, but she certainly wanted the world to know he was a ladies’ man.

5. This headstone speaks to the struggles any father faces when having to share the loo with a house full of people. He clearly made sure not to let the chaos of the family’s morning routines get in the way of his paternal affections.

6. In one word, this headstone leaves anyone who enjoys a cold brew on a hot summer day in stitches! Of course, Beer is probably the last name of whoever was laid to rest here, but it’s impossible not to look at this headstone and toast to the departed anyway.

7. This individual was not afraid to make a statement about the irony of his time serving in the United States military. This brave man faced many hardships, no doubt, and he wasn’t going to let anyone forget about them!

8. Mel Blanc was an American voice actor who gave life to many beloved Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig. His headstone is an ode to all the years of laughter he brought to TV viewers everywhere.

9. We all have that one friend who dramatically feigns illness when they look fine. This person decided to add some levity to all cemetery trips their family would ever have to take by making light of just this!

10. Maybe this person’s loved ones should’ve buried them with a nightlight. It could’ve been a symbolic—and useful—gesture. Who’s to say? The afterlife is one big mystery after all!

11. If anyone was consulted before they came into the world, they might go about their lives in a different manner. Of course, once you’re here, death never waits for your consent before knocking on the door.

12. This headstone proves not everyone needs to live a life of luxury in order to find happiness. Sometimes all it takes is a stiff drink in hand and people you love by your side. Good for you, Walter!

13. Let’s just hope this person is indulging in a gigantic, all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet right now. There wouldn’t be any health consequences: Heaven is nothing if not the one place you can gorge on chocolate without gaining a pound.

14. Any fan of comedy surely remembers the great Leslie Nielsen from his roles in the Naked Gun films. Apparently, Nielsen loved gags about flatulence, and he knew this would be the quote on his grave. Even after he left, he still knew how to make people smile.

15. Constance is already planning ahead with this lighthearted message. She’s clearly not worried about meeting her demise. Whenever it comes, she’ll be prepared… with a bit of gallows humor!

16. Kay may have kept it under wraps her whole life, but now it seems like she wants to pass on her treasured recipe for friends and family—and frankly whoever reads her headstone—to enjoy. Kay may be gone, but her recipe will live on forever!

17. This person straight up says what everyone who’s deceased would probably say if they could communicate from the afterlife. They wanted their message to be blunt, and they certainly succeeded.

18. Hey, we all can’t get what we want! Maybe this woman thought the legacy she left was important enough to warrant a massive headstone rivaling the monuments of Giza. This oversized slab is the next best thing, right?

19. John Yeast just couldn’t leave this world without throwing an amusing food pun on his tombstone for everyone to enjoy. Rest assured, everyone who has read this has probably pardoned the man.

20. It takes a special kind of person to use their last way to communicate with their friends and family a headstone with this message on it. Reader beware: this one is a dead end!

These funny people proved they could squeeze in one last joke before it was too late. It really makes you wonder—what were their funerals like?

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