From a colorful sunset to the surprise appearance of an adorable critter, nature always has a way of surprising us. But sometimes, she hits us with something so big that it changes the way we see things… literally.

Recently, Charlie Ware was out hunting in the woods of Old Mines, Missouri, when he accidentally tripped over what he thought was a pile of dirt. Boy, was he wrong!

When he realized what exactly he’d found, he knew he had stumbled upon a true marvel of nature…

Anyone who has spent time in nature knows that it has a way of surprising you when you least expect it. Whether that means spotting a majestic owl in a tree or catching a particularly special evening sunset, the sights are endless.

Sometimes, however, nature finds ways to amaze us in less obvious ways. That’s precisely what makes it so darn hard to predict! The only way to truly experience all of these amazing surprises is to simply get out there and start exploring.

Just ask Charlie Ware, a hunter from Old Mines, Missouri. Charlie had been turkey hunting recently when he accidentally tripped over something he believed to be nothing more than a dirt pile. Yet, when he went to take a second look, he realized he’d stumbled upon a natural marvel…

So, what was it that Charlie tripped over? Why, it was a humongous morel mushroom! A gigantic, possibly record-breaking, morel mushroom, to be more specific. Charlie’s wife, Sarah, was quick to share her husband’s bizarre discovery to her Facebook page.

Charlie was in utter disbelief at the size of the thing. “I was just walking along and stepped over this mound of dirt. And it was pretty much at my feet,” he told reporters in an interview. “I thought, ‘No freaking way.’ I was totally amazed.”

Shortly after, Charlie and Sarah reached out to see if the gigantic morel had broken any records. And according to the Missouri Department of Conservation, this mushroom actually stood as the biggest morel mushroom on record thus far!

morel-of-the-story-1Facebook – Missouri Morel Hunting

According to the MDC, morels grow in the Missouri area around spring, so Charlie lucked out in finding this one so late in the season. Had it been just a few weeks later, he would’ve probably never made his strange discovery.

The morel was even bigger than a two-liter bottle of soda, to put it into perspective. According to a website called Fresh Morels, the average morel is only two to four inches long! You can see that this one almost reached a foot.

“I’ve never seen one that tall with that much girth. [Ware’s wife] just told me that it’s 12 inches tall with a four-and-a-half-inch diameter, and a circumference of 13 inches. That is massive in morel standards,” Ron Cook, an administrator of the Missouri Morel Hunting group, told Springfield News-Leader.

morel-of-the-story-2Springfield News-Leader

So what do you do with a mushroom that big once it’s been studied and recorded? Charlie’s son was turning 12, so the family planned to cut up and cook the morel for his birthday celebration. Let’s just hope they were hungry for leftovers!

morel-of-the-story-3Facebook – Missouri Morel Hunting

What a find! You have to think it’ll be super delicious in a risotto dish.

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