Dating and relationships can be very difficult, and it’s easy to get frustrated with the process altogether. Sometimes it seems like it would be preferable to just go to the store and pick out the perfect mate with all the attributes you want, like buying a new car!

On the surface this fantasy seems highly appealing, but in reality it would probably be a little bit more… complicated than you might initially imagine. Just ask the poor woman in this story!

After a store opened in New York City where women could shop for the perfect husband, she decided to check the place out. She soon learned, however, that even in such an ideal scenario, there are some things about our expectations when seeking a partner that never really change!

In New York City, a store opened up where women could go and shop for a husband. At the entrance, a sign was posted bearing a set of strict rules that all shoppers were required to follow.

store-1Shinya Suzuki / Flickr

It read: “You may only visit this store once! There are six floors and the attributes of the men change with each ascending level. You may choose any man from a given floor, or you can opt to go up a level, but you can’t go back down except to exit the store!”

store-2Twitter / Mickey Sanford

Soon after it opened, a woman went to the “husband store” to find a suitable partner, and she looked at all of the signs carefully as she went up each of the floors.

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On the first floor, the sign on the door read: “Floor 1: All men on this floor have jobs.” “Impressive,” she thought to herself before venturing up to next floor…


She proceeded to the second floor and its sign read: “Floor 2: All men on this floor have jobs and love kids.” 


The third floor sign read: “Floor 3: All men on this floor have jobs, love kids, and are very handsome.” “Wow!” she thought, before deciding to keep going.


On the fourth floor she found a sign that read: “Floor 4: All men on this floor have jobs, love kids, are extremely handsome and love to help out with housework.” She was incredibly tempted to stop here, but figured things could only get better further up.


She went up to the fifth floor, where the sign read: “Floor 5: All men on this floor have jobs, love kids, are drop-dead gorgeous, enjoy helping with housework, and are very romantic.”


She was so tempted to stay but went up to the sixth floor anyway. There, the sign read: “Floor 6: You are visitor 21,766,084. There are no men here; this floor exists solely to prove that women are impossible to please. Thank you for shopping with us!”

Too funny! Let’s be honest, though; If anybody, woman or man, were in her position, they’d probably do the exact same thing!

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