Since the introduction of hair dye, people have had the ability to inexpensively transform their whole look. From blonde to red, brunette to black, gray to (gasp!) purple, the possibilities are endless.

Still, some of us can’t seem to decide how we want to look. Or perhaps we’re such fashion chameleons that our personal style is apt to change in an instant—especially when we’re so attuned to what’s strutting down the runway.

Thankfully, an innovative new hair dye can help with that… by changing color right before your eyes! Take a look…

Fashion designer, chemist, and founder of London-based material design studio The Unseen, Lauren Bowker was watching this famous scene from the 1996 cult classic The Craft when she sparked a brilliant idea.

In the scene, one of the characters—a budding witch—practices a spell in which she transforms her hair color in the blink of an eye.

“It was in that moment that the penny kind of dropped,” Lauren said. “I was like, ‘We could do that.'” It wasn’t entirely far-fetched, either; utilizing her expertise in fashion and science, she’d already invented a purse that was able to change color. Why not hair?


With the help of her team, Lauren created a series of what she calls hypercolor hair dye. There were seven semi-permanent dyes in total, and each will change color depending on heat from the body or the environment. “It will change if you get embarrassed, or if there’s someone in the room you fancy,” she added.


It should be noted that, like most synthetic hair products, this hypercolor hair dye still includes harsh chemicals that may lead to irritation or allergic reactions in some people. However, The Unseen has gone to great lengths to minimize these risks as much as possible. Plus, the dye comes out after just a few rounds of washing.

This innovative dye is bound to turn some heads. Watch how it works…

This seems like the kind of visual trickery that would be difficult to pull off even with movie magic. The fact that it actually exists in real life is nothing short of spectacular!

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