Many people take pride in being adventurous eaters. Whether that means they’ll subject themselves to something like extreme spiciness or that they enjoy dishes that are a little outside-the-box, it seems like there’s nothing they won’t try.

However, this Japanese restaurant might put any adventurous eater to the test. “Chinjuuya” is a fine dining establishment that prides itself on serving some unique dishes that would make most of us say “No, thanks!”

In Tokyo, Japan there’s an upscale restaurant called “Chinjuuya” that’s renowned for its…unusual…dishes. The chefs there take pride in offering the finest delicacies from around the world, but their efforts might be lost on all but the most adventurous diners!


For an appetizer, you can start with some bugs, like a nice selection of cooked beetles…


…or if worms are more to your liking, that’s an option too!


The restaurant offers a wide variety of entrees, like their specialty: char-grilled lizard.


If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could order alligator leg, considered a delicacy in many parts of the world!


If you’re in the mood for something that sort of looks like lobster, but is way more terrifying, be sure to try their seasoned scorpion!


For those folks looking to share, you can’t go wrong with some deep-fried whole salamanders…


…and, of course, don’t forget about dessert!


Well, I used to consider myself an adventurous diner, but after seeing these dishes, I’m perfectly content to keep my meals tame as can be!

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