When it comes to surviving in harsh conditions and environments, mountain goats of all varieties might just take the crown. Capable of living life quite literally on the edge, there’s no animal on the planet who can do what they do every single day.

No one told us that they’re also playful, though! That’s what one man discovered when he was trying to climb up the side of a mountain—and came face to face with what was most likely an young ibex.

Initially, he tried to bypass the rambunctious youngster, but he soon learned that it wouldn’t be so easy…

While climbing up a mountainside, a man came face to face with a young ibex. At first it looked like the animal was skittish enough to head in the opposite direction, but that ended up not being the case…


In fact, the little guy decided that it was playtime! Before the man could do much of anything, the ibex was blocking his way, almost like he was forcing the man to play a game.


Everywhere the man tried to go, the determined ibex would follow. So on and on the game went, with neither side being able to truly gain a definitive edge in the contest.


At many occasions, the ibex tried to use the man as if he was a part of the cliffside, like a human stepping stone! The adorable game just got more and more ridiculous from there on out.


But the best part was when the guy tried to move laterally away from the ibex so he could continue up the mountain. If he thought this was going to work, he soon learned he was sorely mistaken.


Just watch what happened when the man started making faces at the little ibex. If it’s not the cutest thing you’ve seen all day, we don’t know what is!

Who else wants to play a game with a baby ibex right now? So long as we’re not hanging off the side of a mountain hundreds of feet high, we’re in!

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