You Won’t Believe What’s Going On Inside A Turtle’s Shell. It’s Even Weirder Than You Think.

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Turtles have been around for quite some time (157 million years to be precise), and yet their shell remains an evolutionary anomaly – there is no other creature with an even remotely similar anatomy.

If you’ve always wondered just what’s hiding inside the a turtle’s shell, you’re not alone. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Unlike most animals with shells, the turtle can’t leave its shell behind. It’s actually part of their bone structure.


That large central cavity isn’t just a place to store old boxes of baseball cards, it’s an efficient space for their internal organs. Here’s how it looks with everything still inside.


The shell also makes up the turtle’s spinal cord and rib cage.


The most amazing part is how they can make room for when they retract their head. That is a seriously flexible spine.


Source: viralnova

Incredible! Turtles aren’t just cool looking, they’re actually architectural marvels. Nature, you’re amazing.

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