There are a lot of things in life that we might regret. From missed opportunities to an infinite number of career paths, some decisions take a long time to understand as you get older and think about what could have been.

These people immediately regretted their decisions, though. When you see their immediate reaction, you can’t help laugh!

1. It looks more like he’s floating into oblivion.

j7FdYSa - Imgur (1)

2. Were those tires supposed to soften the landing? Because it didn’t work.


 3. This has actually happened to me…2-immediate-regret

4. Murphy’s law at its worst.


 5. This guy pretty much deserved what came to him.6-immediate-regret

6. All it took was one stern look from LeBron.


7. I was actually half-expecting him to go straight through the wall.

20hEPla - Imgur

8. “Well, I’m never seeing that again.”

kTb57W0 - Imgur

9. This is why nothing challenging is ever worth doing.


10. She rocked too hard.


11. When in doubt, don’t test the electric fence with your hand.

uqBWKXs - Imgur

12. “Oh, sorry, I was just, uh… I’m dead.”


13. When in doubt, sit on it.


14. Are his boogers really that chewy?


15. You don’t need sound to understand how much pain this kid is in.


16. I don’t know which would be worse: if that was the breakdancer’s own bag, or someone else’s.


17. 6.2/10


I suddenly feel much better about my decisions in life after seeing these. I hope they all learned from their mistakes!

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