Our everyday lives are filled with so many small-yet-satisfying occurrences. Who doesn’t get a fuzzy feeling at the sight of a full rainbow? Or what about a puffy cloud that looks just like a dog? It’s the little things that are often the most awe inspiring, and, believe it or not, one of those things actually follows us everywhere we go.

That’s right: we’re talking about your shadow. And whether it’s your own or that of someone or something else, shadows have a funny way of shifting the way we see the world around us. After checking out these 20 mind-boggling shadows, you’ll definitely want to keep a closer eye on your own from now on!

1. I See You: Ever have the feeling you were being watched, even though you knew no one else was around? Meet Shadow Cat, everyone’s favorite neighborhood specter. Some say that if you look him in the eye you’ll turn into a cat yourself!


2. Cactus Man on Broadway: Ever since he sprouted, Cactus Jack has always wanted to star in a Broadway production of A Chorus Line. Judging by the height of those high kicks, he’s definitely going to nail next week’s audition.

GTA_Stuff / Reddit

3. We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Pond: When all of the other ducks fled the pond after he dove in, Billy couldn’t understand why — that is, until he looked down. The poor guy tried to convince them it was just his shadow, but who in their right mind would trust a shark in duck’s clothing?


4. Kill It! Oh, Nevermind: There’s nothing worse than walking out onto your porch to find the largest spider you’ve ever seen in your life. There’s also nothing worse than realizing it was just the shadow of your plant and that you just screamed like a little girl in front of your neighbor for no reason.

geonguuin / Reddit

5. Albert Gone Bad: Einstein had his critics, but those who were convinced he was evil may have been onto something. Either that or the creepy figure stalking him in the background isn’t a fan of the theory of relativity…

aelment / Reddit

6. Tink? Is That You?: This kind of thing may work in Neverland, but the mischievous fairy clearly wasn’t fooling this photographer when they stumbled upon her in the woods. Let’s just hope Captain Hook isn’t lurking nearby…

isarealboy13 / Reddit

7. Birds of a Feather: Sitting on telephone wires is so yesterday. The latest craze is sitting underneath them. Is it necessarily safe to sit in the middle of the road? Probably not. But just try and convince yourself that these birds aren’t the coolest avians in town. 

8. A Double Life: By day, Gina is a giraffe, living a normal life among her herd on the African plains. But by night, she’s a majestic unicorn, using her magical horn to fight for truth, justice, and all things sparkly and covered with rainbows.

9. Don’t Turn Off the Lights: You probably should’ve taken notice when that strange woman who sold you this lantern mysteriously vanished the next day. Now you’ve got this cursed light fixture hanging from your ceiling, and what’s worse: it doesn’t match the drapes!

Direst / Reddit

10. The Dirty Mountains: Believe it or not, this mountain vista wasn’t painted by a famous artist — it’s just dirt. The sludge on the glass above formed this beautiful shadow portrait, so next time you’re getting guff for your dirty windshield just remember: it’s art!

maybeimnotlying / Reddit

11. A Perfect Fit: Sometimes, when the planets align at just the right angle, nature can do the most incredible things. Thousand-foot waves. Supervolcanoes. Earthquakes that shatter continents. But none of these can compare to the sight of a shadow fitting perfectly into a sidewalk square. 

scottvv / Reddit

12. Gorillas in the… Pavement?: These two besties were none the wiser when Bobo the shadow gorilla snuck up on them during their afternoon walk. Seeing how content the girls were, he quickly departed to rejoin Harambe and the other great apes in the sky.

PrimalMusk / Reddit

13. Mind Blown: That’s right: flames don’t have shadows. Shaded areas are caused by an absence of light, and since fire is literally all light, it can’t cast a shadow. Bet they never taught you that in science class!

empw / Reddit

14. Shadowshop: After a fun day of fishing, the poor guy in the background had to convince his family that he was actually there after a perfectly placed shadow made him look like he was poorly Photoshopped into this photo. The fact that he didn’t catch any fish also didn’t help his case…

frameRaid / Reddit

15. A Ring Fit For a Superhero: When Batman finally proposed to Cat Woman, he found the perfect way to incorporate his bat signal into the ring. All she has to do is hold it up to the light and the Caped Crusader will be there faster than the Flash on a bathroom break.

sushi17/ Reddit

16. You Are What You Eat: Giraffes love leaves, but it seems the tiny bits of foliage are camouflaging themselves to keep safe from their long-necked predators. 

natezomby / Reddit

17. A Scottish Surprise: Every artist likes to put their own personal touch on a project, and that was definitely the case when this Scottish-born builder erected this metal fence. Now every time he spots those plaid shadows he feels right at home!

BookerDeWittsCarbine / Reddit

18. It’s Alive!: For years, the scientific community has rejected all claims that phone cords are actually living beings. Well, this little length of plastic is very much alive, and he even coded his own DNA to prove it!

uberkalen / Reddit

19. A Flowery, Furry Friend: At first glance, most people would believe that this arrangement flowers is casting a shadow shaped like a squirrel. But that’s just what Mr. Acorns wants you to think. The sneaky squirrel has been practicing his disappearing act for years, and it looks like he’s finally perfected it.

elkie3 / Reddit

20. Optical Confusion: No matter how many times you look at this photo it’ll never make sense. There’s definitely witchcraft at play here to make that curlicue, or at least something we’re not seeing. Curse you, tricky shadows!

icanbenormaltoo / Reddit

21. Mistaken Identity: Imagine the surprise on this photographer’s face when she noticed that a certain 45th president was casually lounging in her living room. Now, imagine her surprise when she realized it was actually just her husband sitting with an ice pack on his head.

cdnchef / Reddit

22. Your eyes can be tricked by more than shadows! It may very well be a “dog eat dog world,” but sometimes it can also be a “dog nap girl world.? It’s undetermined whether this is a dog-headed girl or a girl-bodied dog.Either way, those sleepy eyes look like they need a good snooze.

23. This woman could really use a hand. No, seriously imagine trying to set up a camp chair with your feet, let alone pitch a tent. She is a true camping inspiration. Just wait until you see what she can do while hiking!

24. There is a loooong history of cow raising in France. Just by looking at this French cow, you can tell their history goes way back. Either that, or they’re feeding them something really special over there. Je ne sais pas.

25. Most people don’t know that Toyota came out with a line of disappearing sedans. Unfortunately, they were quickly recalled due to a glitch in the front bumper invisibility. However, by that time, many people had trouble even finding where they parked their car.

26. We all know a two-headed dog is pretty scary, but it turns out a two-bodied dog is just as unnerving. Keep in mind while looking to adopt a dog, a two-headed husky is one breed that might not be so good with children.

27. Bro on top, babe on bottom. This (insert preferred pronoun) knows how to work it from all angles. Feminine? Masculine? Why not both of ’em! It’s 2019, take a walk on the wild side with your fine legs.

28. The stoicism of watch guards is already impressive, but a one-legged watchman? We salute you, sir. With that sense of duty, there’s no doubt he’s a standup guy. Although, he might have a bit more trouble when it comes to the marching.

29. Is it a cat or a crow? It’s hard to be sure, but it would probably be best not to make any sudden movements. This mysterious creature looks like he has the potential to go a little Hitchcock if he gets offended.

30. Look who’s walking now! She’ll probably grow into those tootsies eventually, but in the meantime, she will have a very sturdy foundation for getting up on her feet for the first time. It just may be a little tricky finding baby shoes in her size.

31. Run, run for your lives! The monkeys have finally realized that all they needed to conquer earth was to somehow become giants and they’ve done it! Run!

32. Who needs an innertube when you are river Jesus? He may not be able to “walk” on water, but he can superman that surface all day long. Let’s just hope the water is deep enough that he doesn’t bottom out on any sharp rocks.

33. This guy went a little overboard with the whole trying to stay hydrated thing. He would have made a run for the bathroom, but those fountain chairs are in high demand, and he wasn’t about to lose that precious real estate.

34. Everybody loves a good head scratch as they’re dozing off. This kid was so relaxed with his scalp rubs he didn’t even seem concerned with who was doing it… which was probably a good thing. No one wants to wake up to a ghost hand on their head.

35. Just because you need a van for practical purposes doesn’t mean you can’t still have your sportscar, too. And if you’re going to have a hot sports car, you may as well throw in a driver!

36. This dog may look cute and innocent from far away, but once he opens his mouth all people hear is, “I’m a pa-ran-ha, I’m from the Amazon.” The point is, don’t mess with anyone packing chompers like this.

37. This guy was feeling a little short-handed at work so he attended a convention to see if he could get some extra support. By the look on his face, it seems he’s still a little skeptical of the contenders — or maybe he’s just bitter about their biceps.

38. Beautiful! Fabulous! Okay, your paw is around her shoulder, looks like everyone is in the frame. Now give a thumbs up if everyone is feeling photo ready. And on the count of three, everyone say, “bone!”

39. Woah, this guy is really setting a high bar here. Look, his mixology skills are probably top notch and all, but let’s be real — those legs are the true crowd driver here. He has people coming back for more all night long.

40. People couldn’t stop talking about what a hoot the Smith’s wedding was. While most people worry about the bride getting cold feet, no one ever considered that the groom’s head would turn into an owl and take off mid-ceremony.

41. The zebra-woman is a rare hybrid, usually only emerging for brief periods in the early spring. This young kid was lucky enough to catch a sighting of the regal creature and take a snap for the ‘gram.