I love my iPhone. Yet one of the disadvantages to having access to so many apps, songs, photos, and videos is that I’m constantly running out of space.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to magically create more gigabytes of space — all without deleting any of your precious files!

When you start regularly running out of space on your iPhone, it can be tempting to spring for a new phone. But don’t give up on your old phone yet.


This trick works as long as you have a few megabytes left. Make sure you have at least some free storage by going to “Settings > General > Storage & iCloud.”


Next, go to iTunes and press “RENT” on the longest movie you can find. You don’t have to pay for it, so don’t worry!


A sign will pop up saying that your storage is full. At this point, press “Settings” and something special will happen.


If you go back and check your storage, you will now suddenly have more space!


You can do this repeatedly, clearing up as much space as you want before the process eventually stops working.


Attempting to download such a huge file clears the iPhone’s cache, giving you loads of extra space. Amazing!

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