People are trained to know and trust the labels and signs they see when purchasing a product or driving down the road. After all, these signs exist in order to make life easier and more organized, right?

Sometimes, though, these labels and rules can end up being willfully ignored or unexpectedly subverted entirely. When they are, it can end up being pretty darn ironic—and hilarious!

Just take these 31 instances of the most ironic photographs ever taken. They prove that irony is all around you, should you choose to take a look…

1. Sure, learning to “declutter, organize, and simplify your life” is likely the best way to lead a minimalist lifestyle, but apparently this person isn’t willing to take the necessary steps. Maybe the message will better sink in after reading that extra copy of the book.


2. Everyone knows that putting flame decals on the side of your vehicle is a surefire way to earn bonus cool points on the road, but this is taking that coolness to a whole new level. That’s some seriously commendable dedication.


3. If you’re going to commit to training yourself to focus, you might as well become completely immersed in the subject, right? It just seems like this guy might be skipping the chapters about focusing on one thing at a time, though.


4. Leave it to the nescient folks to point out when someone else is wrong. Maybe this Redditor shouldn’t be so quick to judge others, especially since they’re substituting the number “4” in place of “for” and spelling “you” as “ya.”


5. If we want to promise a better environment for future generations, it’s important that people cut down on their own carbon footprints. Perhaps this guy should practice what he preaches, though, because one sentence doesn’t justify using an entire piece of paper!


6. Well, that’s pretty embarrassing. This is like some sort of tow-truck-ception right here. Then again, everyone needs a helping hand every now and then, don’t they? It makes sense that tow trucks would be no different!


7. The truck driver must be pretty red in the face driving around like that. If only there was a local business that sold corrosion-resistant materials that they could use to better build their trucks in the future…


8. There’s nothing wrong with setting your goals high; it gives you something to really work toward. It makes you wonder how long after they hung up the sign that the forklift driver decided to pull a Kool-Aid Man and crash right through the wall.


9. Look, everyone is prone to failure. Still, you have to admit that this isn’t great marketing. It’s no wonder there’s so many anti-tip kits left in the store. No one’s going to buy them with this type of advertising, that’s for sure!


10. On the plus side, the driver of this collision investigation van knows exactly what happened in this case, and they won’t have to do too much investigating. Go ahead and call it a day, Sherlock. This is an open-and-shut case!


11. Wow, this newspaper must really be on top of all incoming leads. They predicted the story before it even took place. How’s that for getting people to subscribe to (and read) your daily publication? On second thought, you might not want them delivering to your home…


12. This is the type of advertising that is so crazy that it just might work. They had to have planned the tilted “T,” right? Whoever came up with this ad campaign must’ve gotten a raise. Either that, or they were fired immediately after.


13. This guy definitely takes his job to the extreme. While it was certainly the characteristic that got him the job, it also happened to be his downfall. How’s he going to enforce parking when he can’t even leave his company’s parking lot?


14. Taking a shot in the dark here, but it seems like the College of Architecture and Planning might not be the best place to study neither architecture nor planning. It looks like no one taught this designer the importance of reviewing the blueprints before beginning the project.


15. To be fair, they never said anything about the sticker having non-stick properties. Let’s just hope that none of your pancakes, sausage, or bacon have any type of adhesive on their underside. Otherwise, you’re in for a world of trouble.


16. You see, this is where they get you. This is the never-ending cycle of opening the scissors. Not only is the largest pair of scissors stuck by the label, but all of the scissors in the set are twisty-tied together. You need scissors to open these! That’s just genius marketing right there. It’s quite the puzzle, isn’t it?


17.  Apparently this plastic bag ban is a serious issue, but it hasn’t been stretched wide enough to make it to the newsroom. Someone should get on the phone and tell the newspaper they didn’t get the memo!


18. Good luck trying to explain this situation to your boss. “Well, you see, we were sitting around bored with nothing to do, so we decided to bring the work to ourselves.” There’s a good chance that whoever was responsible was immediately fired (pun intended).


19. Television medium Joe Power must be the worst psychic in the world. Maybe if he spent a little less time worrying about other people’s futures and focused more on his own, he could have seen this one coming.


20. Falling asleep on a plane is pretty commonplace, but take a look at the book she’s reading: Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems. To be fair, maybe she hadn’t made it past the first page…


21. This image really makes you wonder how the employees of Watkins Roofing manage to keep a roof over their own heads. The real question is: who do the roofers call when they’re the ones who need a roof?


22. Apparently this smoke alarm needs someone else to tell it when there’s a fire, because it just got seriously burned. Then again, maybe the owner needs to replace the dead batteries more frequently.


23. Those products that you see for sale in infomercials at two in the morning are never what they seem. This “Stop struggling with those stubborn plastic packages” product is basically just mocking you.


24. Well, this is embarrassing. If only there was a quick and easy fix to re-hang the adhesives sign, then they wouldn’t be in this really unfortunate predicament. Maybe their adhesives aren’t as good as they seem?


25. Everything was going perfectly fine for this driver until he decided to read the sign on the side of the road. Maybe the sign shouldn’t be so quick to assume that drivers are actually paying attention and driving carefully…


26. It seems likely that the mall maintenance shop workers should be more careful about being so boastful. They might think they can fix anything, but they also forgot about their own “no door bells” clause.


27. Maybe if this person had seen the movie, they’d already know what gravity was. This is the kind of irony that you have to see in IMAX to truly understand and appreciate the gravity of the irony depicted in this photograph, hyuck hyuck.


28. This is the problem with learning how to train your dog using advice from a book. You have to read it in its entirety before you can be effective. Let’s just hope the owner’s not in dog-training school, because saying the dog ate your homework might raise some eyebrows!


29. Well, this is just downright embarrassing. It looks like the outside of this container could definitely use a healthy dose of Gorilla Glue. If only there was a way to get their hands on some of that sticky stuff…


30. Apparently whoever owns this DVD of Unbreakable didn’t realize that it’s a movie and not a personal challenge. Congratulations! You just wasted part of your paycheck on a movie that you’ll never get to watch.


31. “Long term relationship.” Let’s just hope that their relationship lasts longer than a measly bottle of shampoo. Is this the new litmus test for determining if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with your significant other?


It goes to show you that, if you look around, there’s irony everywhere you turn. Just remember to laugh about it and not take it too seriously!

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