As you get older, you naturally start to realize that the time you have left to accomplish all of your life goals is dwindling. We all have “bucket list” successes we’d like to achieve before it’s too late. Having regrets at the end of your life can be a painful reminder that you may not have lived life to its fullest.

Something that doesn’t come to mind when you think of bucket list goals is getting yourself thrown into jail. The experience is generally unpleasant, and it can follow you around for the remainder of your life, affecting job prospects and ruining your reputation.

A 99-year-old woman named Annie decided to take her life goals to the next level. She set out to accomplish one last task, and it ended up getting her thrown into a jail cell.

Annie, a 99-year-old woman, wanted to accomplish one last task on her bucket list before she could say she lived a full life.

jail 3

But, it’s not the kind of request you’d think…Annie wanted to be arrested!

jail 1

Police officers from a local jail agreed to handcuff Annie and let her spend a few minutes in an empty cell. Look at how proud she was!

jail 2

Annie was thrilled that the officers were so accommodating to her request. Now, she can say that she lived a truly fulfilled life! 

jail 4

This makes you wonder what other types of accomplishments Annie had on her list. She seems like quite the adventurous woman!

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