Most parents hope that they’ve taught their kids to know that respect is one of the most important values. Still, it’s not exactly a surprise when teenagers act as if they’ve never even heard of the concept!

When one janitor repeatedly had to clean the women’s room at a middle school because of lipstick marks on the mirrors, he was frustrated. Each and every day he had to stay late to wipe off the oily marks. The girls thought they were being cool, but it clearly was causing quite a bit of stress for the poor janitor. So, he visited the principal and asked her for help.

After the principal’s interference, the marks only became more abundant… that is, until the janitor had a brilliant idea that earned him the last laugh!

It goes without saying that practically all parents would like to think that they raised their kids well enough to know that respecting others is an important value to have. Yet, no one is ever truly surprised when teenagers have a problem showing it.

Whether they’re just being rebellious or they just don’t have a respectful bone in their body, many teens have a problem with authority. They’re coming into their own and becoming more independent, after all, so it’s natural to push the envelope and to see what they can get away with. Still, when they’re eventually called out on their disrespect, they can lash out in strange ways.

Just take what happened when one janitor, Elogio, repeatedly had to clean the women’s room mirrors at the middle school where he worked. These mirrors frequently had lipstick marks on them, yet after diligently wiping them clean each day, he noticed the problem only grew worse…

When the problem persisted for several days in a row, Elogio decided that he had no choice but to visit the principal for some help in resolving the issue. So, he detailed how he difficult it had become to clean the restroom every day, only for the lipstick problem to get worse.

The principal of the middle school was in utter disbelief that her students were acting out in such a manner. Here, she’d thought she and the teachers had instilled a sense of respect in them. Clearly, she was wrong about that!

So, after some serious consideration, the principal and Elogio decided to make an announcement during class. The principal brought up the fact that they’d noticed several lipstick marks appearing on the mirrors each day and were looking for the culprit.

They were certain that this would set the young middle-schoolers straight, but they were wrong. The following afternoon, when he went to clean the restroom, Elogio noticed even more lipstick marks on all of the mirrors!

Realizing that the students clearly hadn’t been taught to show respect—nor were they taking this concern seriously—Elogio devised a plan. He asked the principal to gather several student suspects and bring them into the bathroom after school that day…


When the young girls entered the restroom, Elogio was standing there waiting. As he spoke, he let them know just how disappointed he was that they were making such a mess each day, and that it was a lot of work to clean up by himself. The girls, meanwhile, just snickered and rolled their eyes. Did they even care about how much they were putting him through?

That’s when Elogio put his brilliant plan into action. There, he demonstrated to the young middle schoolers a little secret about his cleaning methods. After that, the ladies were horrified—and Elogio was the one who got the last laugh!

That is so nasty, but it looked like it got the point across! This story sure shows how important it is to be respectful to the folks who do the jobs that often go unnoticed.

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