For all of her beauty, Mother Nature sure can be fickle and unforgiving. One week she’ll offer bright sunshine and a warm breeze, for instance, while the next she’ll be on the rampage with monsoon-like downpours and destructive tornadoes.

Still, nothing could prepare anyone for what happened in this video. There are few other examples of the horror of nature’s fury that hit quite this hard.

When some bystanders in Japan started filming the destruction caused by recent flooding, they had no idea how close they’d come to being in danger themselves!

No matter who you are or where you’re located in the world, it’s unlikely that you’d be completely safe from a natural disaster of some sort. Whether you live somewhere that’s prone to floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes, there’s always a danger lurking in every corner of the globe.

Scientific studies prove that certain natural disasters are caused by, or at least exacerbated by, global climate change. Of course, human efforts to reduce this phenomenon might help ease the severity of natural disasters in the future.

That being said, it doesn’t really matter how much advance warning you receive or how much preparation you do in advance. Mother Nature will always prevail, and there’s nothing you, or anyone else, can do to stop a natural disaster from occurring.

As much as none of us actually wish for natural disasters to occur, there’s definitely something fascinating about watching them unfold, especially when no one appears to be in any immediate danger. It’s striking to see nature’s power in front of our very eyes.

Of course, we can’t always be so lucky. For example, this footage, captured in 2007 in Japan, may not have initially looked like something terrible was about to happen—or that lives were in danger. It simply looked like a quiet street at night… but that sense of calm would barely even last a second.

Almost immediately, the ground started to shift. The area had experienced heavy rains recently, and all that water was too much for the muddy ground to handle. A massive, destructive landslide was starting to hit… and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Not only did the telephone poles start to collapse as they sunk into the ground, but so did the trees and other structures in the area. It truly was starting to look as if the foundation of the Earth itself was in the process of falling apart.

It’s hard to imagine how so much destruction could have been caused from a natural disaster like a landslide. It’s frightening to think that something like this happened, and that similar events still occur.

A wider aerial shot of the affected land really helped show the incredible size and scale of the damage. It’s extremely unfortunate that something like this happened, leaving so many people, animals, and even plant life in danger…

In order to fully understand how powerful and frightening this natural phenomenon really was, you really have to watch all of the footage unfold for yourself. It’s a sobering look at what Mother Nature is capable of…

Hopefully no one was hurt here, because that was some serious damage. What a terrifying experience that must have been for these bystanders.

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