With all the great animal videos on the Internet, it’s easy to forget that they’re not just here for our entertainment. We share the planet and they deserve our respect above all else. This especially applies to animals like whale sharks. These gentle giants are some of the largest fish in the ocean, and should be treated with nothing but wonder and admiration.

Two men in a video recently circulated online clearly forgot this. They were blessed with a glimpse of one of these majestic and endangered animals, but what they decided to do next was beyond disgusting.

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Whale sharks need to be in constant motion to keep up their oxygen supply and these guys could have easily disrupted it. The sharks also have a protective mucous layer on their skin that can be upset by human touch. It’s just frustrating to see people treating these wonderful animals like their own personal amusement park ride.

While it’s illegal to harass dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals in the United States, whale sharks aren’t protected by the same law because they’re fish. But that doesn’t mean that what these men did was right!

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