There are all sorts of things that can go wrong in your house while you’re away on a vacation. From forgetting to turn off a light to your plants not being watered enough, there’s just so much to prepare for!

Yet, one of the biggest issues that people face is what to do with food that might not keep while you’re away. No one wants to waste anything, but it’s worse to come home to rotten food.

That’s why these tips are so helpful! They’ll teach you how to make sure your frozen food stays fresh the whole time you’re gone and ready to eat when you get back home!

1. Put a cup full of water in your freezer and wait for it to freeze completely. Once it gets to that point, place a coin on top of the ice. If you get home from your vacation and the coin has sunk to the bottom, you’ll know that your power went out and your food is no longer safe to eat.


This brilliant idea went viral after Sheila Pulanco Russell shared it on Facebook. She also added these important words of advice: “If you don’t feel good about your food, just throw it out. The main thing is for all to be safe.”


2. Put a couple of ordinary ice cubes from your ice tray into a plastic bag that can be sealed, and leave it in the freezer overnight. As long as the freezer remains in working condition, the ice should retain the same shape.


However, if you come home from your extended vacation and find the ice to be flat, misshapen, or otherwise not cube-shaped, you’ll know that the freezer was off long enough for the ice to melt at some point.


3. Take an ice pop and make it lie flat on something else in the freezer in a horizontal position. If you get home from your trip and the ice pop is still perfectly straight, you’ll know that your freezer has been working perfectly fine.


However, if the ice pop is sagging over the edge of the flat object, then you’ll know that the freezer slightly defrosted at some point. If the ice pop bent so far down that it’s flat against the side of the object, though, it’ll be clear that, at some point, it melted completely.


4. Fill an ordinary water bottle half-full with water and place it upright in the freezer so the ice is completely at the bottom. Once you’ve done that, lay the bottle on its side. Notably, this can also be done with ice cream!


Whether you’re using water or ice cream, though, the important thing to remember is that you’ll know your freezer was working throughout your vacation as long as the ice or ice cream is in the same position that you left it in.


5. Finally, here’s a tip that’s helpful if you think there is a particularly high likelihood of a power outage. Put all of the food from your freezer into a couple of garbage bags, and place them back in the freezer immediately.


In the event that your home does experience a power outage and your food gets spoiled, taking these steps ahead of time will make cleanup a breeze. All you’ll have to do is remove the garbage bags, and your freezer should be good to go!


Hopefully, of course, you’ll come home from a memorable, refreshing vacation to a home that’s exactly how you left it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, though!

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