When you’re a kid, the police are the closest thing you have to real-life superheroes. These men and women dress in uniforms, patrol the streets, and thwart bad guys in our cities.

So when twelve children in Surrey, England spotted a criminal during an Easter egg hunt, their first instinct was to do everything they could to help the police. That’s when they came up with a brilliant idea.

When a group of children in Surrey, England spotted a criminal on the run, they wanted to do whatever they could to help their heroes. They had no way to tell the police officers who were above them in a helicopter, so the kids had to think fast.


One of the kids shouted “let’s get into an arrow!” At first, the officers thought it was a prank, but when they realized what the kids were doing, they managed to locate and apprehend not one but two suspects.

Minutes later, the police landed their helicopter in front of the kids and praised their quick and clever thinking.


Watch the amazing footage from inside the helicopter!

It should also be noted that the Easter egg hunt they were participating in was raising money for leukemia, so these kids were heroes even before they helped stop a criminal. Amazing.

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