Step aside, autographs—there’s a new king in town for starstruck fans and memorabilia collectors: the selfie. Youths, adults, and even apes are taking solo pictures to capture both moments of joy and the mundane.

But some young folks go a wee bit overboard when it comes to photographing themselves, and the adults in the room are ready to let these kids know it. While some parents curse the trend, many others have jumped aboard the selfie train.

Even better, of those who have embraced selfies, some are using photographs to soundly put their kids to shame! Take these 17 parents below, for instance…

A selfie says a lot about its taker because it’s quite literally the best self-portrait he or she could take at that moment. You are both the subject and the photographer, and with those roles, the possibilities are (kind of) endless. Still, selfies can be unflattering if handled clumsily…

Of course, kids these days snap photos quickly and without prejudice, memorializing every single moment of their lives, for better or for worse. To some parents, this queues the sad music that plays whenever they wistfully yearn for the olden days to return; for others, selfie proliferation makes for the perfect opportunity for some fun. Just take these 17 examples…

1. Take these guys, for instance. While out enjoying a little bit of Dodgers baseball, they decided to send a group selfie to their loving mothers back at home. Their mothers, of course, would respond with a thumbs up and “Enjoy the game!” right? Well…

Their moms decided to fire back with a selfie of their own. They may not be at a baseball game, but they sure nailed every other detail of their sons’ photo, right down to the thumbs up and the beer-drinker’s puckered lips!

mom-selfie-2Reddit / satanscomedian

2. Those moms aren’t the only parents utilizing selfies for a bit of humor at their kids’ expense. These two received a photograph of their daughter doing some acrobatic work outside Disney World. Lacking that youthful joint mobility and muscular balance, they had to make a few adjustments for the response—but they still managed to nail it!

3. Other parents are taking to the selfie craze, too. When there was a serial killer on the loose in the one young man’s hometown, he sent a text to his parents making sure they were okay. Their response was a little less than reassuring, but it’s sure worth a few laughs!

4. This college student was going to a Texas State football game and decided to show a little pride—and a little skin—with her wardrobe choice. Well, her old man fired back with a picture of his own, capturing all the fine intricacies of his kid’s outfit. Think she’ll dress like that again?

5. These youngsters snapped the classic selfie: in a dirty bathroom mirror with that cool-but-I-don’t-care smile and unnatural posturing. As a joke, their parents took a matching selfie, complete with a fake flower tattoo and head tilt. Why? Well, what’s the point of parenting if you can’t mock your kid when they’re old enough?

6. Here’s another young lady embracing the follies of youth: a nose ring, a tube top, and a tattoo that covers her whole chest. Her dad decided he’d give the outfit a try (though with a folded bandana substituting for the tube top). But really, who wore it better?

7. When these young adults sent Pops a selfie that quite nicely captured their romance, Dad decided he needed to retaliate. His photograph with a stuffed boyfriend proves that love really can exist between man and a poorly-drawn face on an inflated doll. How sweet.

8. Well, well, well, what do we have here? A father who bought the same shirt as his daughter with the sole purpose of taking a matching selfie? Or a father who drastically stretched out his young daughter’s shirt for the sake of a laugh?


9. Rumor has it the bearded man is still trying to untangle himself from this pretzel formation. The real question is: did either of them manage to sip any wine from their glasses without staining all their nearly white clothes?


10. You know, this dad really did a bargain-basement job when it came to matching his daughter. The clothes he was wearing were close, the tattoo looked like a cartoon dog face, and his head tilt was a little much. But hey, he made his point.


11. This dad wanted to prove that he still had it when he donned a bathrobe in copycat fashion, but unfortunately, it’s really no question here who wore it better. Still, extra points to him for managing to capture that shady motel lamp in the background so very well.


12. Some people have to show off every meal they have, including celebrities like model Miranda Kerr (left). While not Kerr’s mother, fellow Aussie and comedienne Celeste Barber still took a stab at a mid-bite mock selfie of her own. Sometimes it’s just a loaf-of-bread kind of night.


13. This dad didn’t replicate his kid’s tattoo like some other parents on this list, but you know what? Extra points for creativity. Nothing says “I question your tattoo choices” quite like a mocking selfie at a mid-tier steakhouse with an actual knife taking center stage.


14. As the saying goes, “haters gonna hate,” and this little stunner is bound to have his fair share of haters, what with the way he wears sunglasses indoors. Looks like Dad’s throwing shade in both the figurative and literal sense.


15. This daughter stuck out her tongue while her boyfriend sported a sneaky little “up to no good” face. Mom and Dad shot back with a selfie of their own, though Dad’s face erred a little closer to “Pee-ew! I hope nobody smells that.”

Emily Musson / Twitter

16. Here’s the same couple as before, and just like last time, Mom and Dad are back on their case. They nailed it this time—the moody lighting, the sunglasses indoors, and the poses. Have mercy on them, folks! They’re just kids!

Emily Musson / Twitter

17. The third try is a charm, right? Here we have the same couple, and the young lady’s parents once more find a way to beat them at their own game. So, what did the woman in these photos think of Mom and Dad’s display? “My parents are actually on drugs or something,” she joked.

Emily Musson / Twitter

So, what did you think? Did these parents prove they were cool before their kids were ever born? Or did they only manage to embarrass themselves?

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