Perhaps one of the most easygoing ways to spend a day out on the water is atop a paddle board. There’s just something so delightfully relaxing about slowly drifting along the surface that turns any good day into a better one.

That is, unless you happen to have a run-in with a KILLER WHALE like this guy did! While Lukas Reilly was out for a peaceful afternoon trip on the water, he realized he was being followed, and turned to see the curious orca inspecting his paddle board.

If that wouldn’t get your heart racing, we don’t know what would!

As paddle boarder Lukas Reilly was out for a nice day on the water, he turned his camera on in time to see he was being followed by a killer whale!


Carefully, he tried to assess the situation…


And try not to freak out!

It should be mentioned that killer whales like to toy with their kills, and they usually drown their victims. Looks like Lukas was lucky to escape without a scratch.

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