Cats are famous (or infamous, depending on the situation) for their curiosity. And, as any cat-owner can tell you, they’ll often poke their noses in places they don’t belong—especially places up high.

For one kitten in Bangkok, Thailand, that place happened to be inside the support of an overpass… 30 feet above a busy street. Naturally, the poor little guy couldn’t find his way back down to safety, and he was terrified. One wrong move could’ve been fatal.

Thankfully, a truck driver spotted him and rushed to the rescue. But it was the ingenious—and daring—way he reached the kitten that left many onlookers with their jaws on the floor.

On February 25 in Bangkok, Thailand, something strange caught a truck driver’s eye: a tiny orange kitten was stuck on the overpass 30 feet above the busy street. How he managed to get up there was beyond anybody’s guess, but the driver was sure of one thing: if he didn’t help, the kitten wouldn’t stand a chance at survival.


But how was he going to rescue the kitten? Easy—using his truck!


Nieb Nuttigon, the owner of a food stall across the street, filmed what happened next. Nieb said, “The kitten had been crying for help since the night before but nobody could reach him until the driver came along.”

With a little ingenuity—and a lot of bravery—this truck driver knew exactly what to do. Watch his daring rescue below…

Wow, this kitten sure was lucky that this truck driver came along! It must have been so scary for the tiny cat to be stuck at such a height. Thankfully, he was adopted by a nearby shopkeeper who will (hopefully) keep a close eye on him so he doesn’t run into any more hijinks!

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