Most of us are taught from a young age that pollution is gross at best and destructive at worst. From casually kicking your picnic scraps to the side and using aerosol sprays to illegal commercial dumping in the ocean, all pollution is harmful to the planet and everything living on it. Surely we can all agree that the cleaner we keep the environment, the better.

The introduction of plastics and chemicals to the Earth has had a disastrous effect—especially when it comes to global climate change—and it continues to get worse every day. This isn’t some problem that only our descendants in the far-off future will have to deal with, either; it’s affecting us right now.

As evidence, take a look at what happened when the permafrost in Russia started melting. What ensued was dubbed a “land tsunami…” and it wasn’t pretty.

Melting permafrost spelled disaster for this patch of road in Russia recently.


The mudslide, which locals nicknamed a “land tsunami,” was so powerful that it knocked down trees in its wake.


It’s scary to watch. Luckily, it didn’t look like there were any people around…


Witness the entire terrifying event unfold here!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

It’s amazing to see what the Earth is capable of when unusual events like this occur. Hopefully nothing like this will happen in a more heavily populated area. Ultimately, though, we can expect more of these if we don’t start taking care of the environment.

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