When it comes to spending some time in the great outdoors, it’s always better to pack light. But that’s much easier said than done. If only there were some way to combine certain items together to make the whole camping process easier and more comfortable…

Here’s exciting news: now you can. And it’s all thanks to the Lawson Hammock!

This is the game-changing Lawson Hammock. It doesn’t look like much, but when you see how it works, you’ll be hearing the call of the wild in no time.

01-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

You see, the Lawson Hammock is a hammock, a tent, and a bug screen all in one.

03-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

You can pretty much set it up anywhere and you’re good to go!

04-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

The only limits are your imagination (and maybe the distance between the trees).

05-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

How about the bow of a boat on a sailing trip?

06-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

Oh, and your friends can come along, too.

07-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy just looking at that?

08-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

This is just a great way to enjoy nature.

09-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

You’ll have shelter where ever you go.

10-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

Think of all the fun you’ll have!

11-lawson-hammockLawson Hammock

Even if you’re not a big fan of camping or the outdoors, you’ll want to give one of these a try. If you’d like to get one, visit this link on Amazon.

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