When the time comes to quit a job, you normally pack up your belongings, give a few farewells, and leave through the front doors without a ton of fanfare. Rarely do people act on elaborate fantasies to yell at their bosses or punt the water cooler — but some folks do.

See, leaving a job is also the ultimate time to make a grand gesture and never look back — the opportunity to act without consequences, after all, is a rare treat. That’s why these 20 former employees (emphasis on former) seized their chances to make their final work days unforgettable…

1. Gwen gave up a job of 18 years at a refrigerator company to dive into puppeteer work, and she made the announcement through a 2014 Super Bowl ad. On the list of creative ways to avoid a face to face with the boss, a Superbowl commercial might win.

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2. Stocking shelves at a grocery store is solitary work. So before taking his final bow, one worker spent his shift carefully turning all the cereal boxes upside down. The manager might not have noticed, but several innocent shoppers probably did.


3. A big spectacle quit is all well and good, but planting your face around your old job is a more satisfying slow burn. This diabolical employee hid pictures of himself like Easter Eggs throughout the place for coworkers to find. Two years later, the clock died — but he lived on.

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4. We’ve got a quitter on aisle four! One Walmart employee put her intercom privileges to good use. After identifying herself as “Alexis from electronics,” she ranted about the frustrations of her job and quit for all the store to hear.

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5. JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater punctuated his resignation by snagging some beers from the cabin, delivering a colorful slew of expletives on the loudspeaker, and then deploying the emergency evacuation slide. He subsequently slid into unemployment and was placed under arrest.

6. Getting out of this park job will take a few hundred point turns. — and that’s why you should never cross your chauffeur! One driver hadn’t been paid for a month, so he left his boss with quite the jam.


7. Talk about flipping your lid. Bartenders learn lots of clever tricks to impress customers, but this guy used his powers to send his boss a message. Surely, it received a pour reaction. 


8. Leaving your job can be a celebration! When it came time for this barista to leave his job, he brought a barbershop quartet to serenade the customers. He also brought with him a crew from the Steve Harvey show to record his dumbfounded bosses.

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9. Not the warm welcome you normally get when entering a Moe’s? Well, when you’re a manager, you get to quit on your own terms. This guy gathered a few employees and choreographed a dance to the song “Ice Ice Baby” to end his shift like a legend.


10. Crushing the competition got to this employee’s head after the boss repeatedly flubbed payments and generally disrespected his workers. He took a stand and ran over the head honcho’s car. A big truck beats having a big job title, apparently.

11. The resignation letter is the moment to reveal your true colors. What else is there to lose? Instead of opting for a Times New Roman bore of an announcement, shoot for the stars! Heck, be like this guy and hitch a ride on a rainbow-powered vacuum out of there!

12. A man named Alexander worked at a New York City pizza shop and grew tired of his boss berating him in full view of customers. Not taking kindly to the disrespect, he dumped breadsticks on the line of customers and walked out. 

13. Bad news is always easier said with a professionally baked cake (though they are a little pricey, so without an income, homemade is thriftier). The bad part about quitting with cake is the awkward tension of staying to eat a slice…


14. This gal worked in viral news media, so she used some of her last days at the office to make a video of herself dancing alone all over the office. Marina Shifrin boogied out the door with the words “I Quit!” closing out the video.

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15. During a rainy, traffic-heavy stand still, one bus driver decided he’d had enough. He shouted he quit, opened the bus door, and left the passengers onboard. How on earth did any of them get home?


16. Above all, protect the nuggets. By far the hardest part of leaving a fast food job is saying goodbye to the delicious snacks. One Burger King Employee quit on shift and then made out like the real King, safely hauling chicken back to his castle.

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17. The dress code is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! An insurance salesman showed up to tell his boss what’s what while flouting the harsh work wear policy. He also kept it low key by hiring a mariachi band to follow him through the office.


18. A man named Luke made his resignation letter symbolic. Figuring the company was heading straight down the can, he penned a brief-and-vulgar note on toilet paper and let the door hit him where the good lord split him.


19. You have to be careful with bookstore employees…the stories give them ideas. Some unhappy workers at Borders recorded themselves reading the last Harry Potter book before its release, then posted it online. Mischief managed!

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20. Anchorwoman Charlo Greene covered a story about the Alaska Cannabis Club on-air and ended the segment by revealing she’s the founder of the club. She then quit to continue advocacy work.

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