We go about our everyday lives not really stopping to think about the bigger picture. But once in a while, there comes a moment when we have an epiphany, and it completely blows our minds. For some reason, it almost always happens while in the shower. For example, ponder upon these eighteen life changing thoughts:

1. At least they can’t ‘poke’ us anymore. Because that would be scary.


2. It’s bound to happen, and you never know when.


3. Would it help if we traveled less?


4. Voldemort – the jellyfish version?


5. You tried looking at your nose, didn’t you? 05-Face-Epiphany

6. Mind. Blown.


7. I wonder what you’d see 65 million light years in the other direction.


8. The random order of the universe working its magic… through your expert hands.08-Random-Orders-Epiphany

9. An army of robot doing work for humans. 09-Mars-Robot-World-Epiphany

10. I wish you the best of luck.


11. How would the ABC song sound then?


12. Disturbing. Very disturbing.12-Young-Pornstar-Epiphany

13. Because we’re never wrong… Am I right?


14. If we could drive up there… would we?14-Outer-Space-Distance-Epiphany

15. Hmm… maybe that explains some hook-up decisions.15-Blind-Saccadic-Masking-Epiphany

16. And so does this.


17. Our progress as a species is all a matter of priority.


18. And so we’re really just studying ourselves. How’s that for meta. 18-Human-Brain-Superior-Ability-Epiphany

Source: Reddit

That last one made my brain hurt a little bit. For more amazing discoveries, check out our other posts. You’ll be surprised at what you still don’t know.